Common Purpose

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

In 1973 the UK joined the Common Market and in the 1975 referendum the people of Britain were conned into voting in favour of staying in the Common Market.

Prime Minister Heath, whose government entered into the accession treaty, and Prime Minister Wilson, who arranged the referendum, both knew that the Common Market was simply a stage in the development of the European Union.

At some point, those behind the take-over of Britain by the EU realised that they needed people whom they could trust to manage the new bureaucracy.

Enter Common Purpose, which was established as a change agent to recruit the commissars and apparatchiks needed to run this bureaucracy.

Whilst carrying out this hidden agenda, Common Purpose has corruptly abused millions of pounds of taxpayers' money.

Common Purpose is guilty of defrauding YOU of YOUR money.

You can find out more about Common Purpose here: and here:


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