Afghanistan - Blood on Labour's Hands

Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Times is reporting that General Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff, has made a private call for 2,000 extra troops in Afghanistan at a dinner with Tory MPs. Clearly General Dannatt is well aware of which way the political wind is blowing and he is lobbying in advance of the election.

This has prompted a contemptible response from an unnamed Labour minister and MP David Crausby, claiming the general has "crossed a line" and is "playing party politics". These disgusting pieces of shit are not fit to lick the boots of men like General Dannatt or the soldiers who are fighting and dying in Afghanistan. Indeed, their very efforts are designed only to gag dissent and to pretend the current strategy is working - at the continued cost of lives.

Everyone in the country knows what is going on - the Armed Forces, their families and friends, the relatives of those lost in action, the media, the politicians and the general public. Troops have been flung into Afghanistan to do an impossible job with inadequate equipment and in insufficent numbers. This is manslaughter - this government is even more blinkered and obstinate than the "donkeys" of the First World War.

The families of soldiers killed in action know exactly what is going on and point the finger of blame at the government, in the Telegraph.

Serving and former soldiers are the most vociferous critics of the MoD and ministers - the Army Rumour Service ARRSE is fizzing with outrage, and contempt for useless ministers like the pathetic Bob Ainsworth.

Ainsworth is a Cnut he even has hairs round his lips to prove it.

Roll on the General election and the hammering of the Labour Party, who have dragged our society backwards in almost every aspect.

1Billion spent on 1000 vehicles...An interesting spin - If he's talking about the PM Package that the outgoing SofS announced last year, then the figures are lower on both counts! Most of the vehicles are still being built, due to the joys of using US Kit - we're bottom of the priority list.
Ainsworth is there for Broon, not the military. He is a pipsqueak, there to explain budget cuts and government incompetence and not to cause trouble by complaining about the appalling circumstances that under-resourced UK forces are valiantly coping with.

Mr Justice Collins made an important ruling - in the face of MoD opposition and subject to appeal - that troops in theatre had some protection under human rights act, and an expectation of adequate equipment to safeguard life. The MoD has dragged its heels on equipment issues, responding only to public pressure and political embarrasment. It is only a matter of time before this goverment and penny-pinching ministers are held to account in the courts over the blood on their hands. They will certainly be held accountable at the next general election and - given the swingeing cuts planned for the Armed Forces and widespread anger - I would not be surprised at a high-ranking resignation in an attempt to raise the profile of the Afghanistan mess.



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Catosays said...

That other useless twat, Bill Rammell, was on the Beeb this morning. In response to a question about the lack of helicopters, he said that their flying hours had been increased. Not, you will note, a frank and transparent answer.

12 July 2009 at 09:41
JuliaM said...

"In response to a question about the lack of helicopters, he said that their flying hours had been increased. "

Which will presumably increase their downtime due to maintenance, leading to even fewer available helicopters.

I'm sure someone (oh, say, an interviewer) pointed out this obvious flaw to him.

Didn't they?

12 July 2009 at 09:52