City Of London Regulation

Friday, 24 July 2009

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Everyone knows that the bankers in the City of London are not half as bright as they think they are, but even they should sense danger over plans to hand control of our financial services sector over to the EU; There has only been muted protests, I wonder why this can be?

Sure, much of the city now looks to UK PLC for their pay cheques and gold plated bonus payments, but is that really it... is there no one at any of the banks that is prepared to speak out against the moves? As much as the FSA is a complete shambles, opposition cannot be that strong to it that the EU looks the preferred method, can it?

I distrust the EU greatly and I do not see that there have been tangible from anything that they have taken control of so I do not see the benefit. By handing control over regulation will be moulded to suit the French and German models which despite my sparse economic qualifications still seem incompatible with how things work now in London.

But that is not the point, this is…

Did you vote to instruct our Government of the United Kingdom to hand over controls from within our democratic reach over to the policy shop in Brussels?

No, neither did I.

So why the hell do we let Gordon Brown get away with crap like this?

Labour is morally bankrupt, that much we already know, but with the real prospect of financial bankruptcy because of the massive shortfalls in the public purse, why are these controls being handed away over the Treasury’s biggest source of income? It can only be because decisions are now being made so far away from you and me, the ordinary person and voter that our concerns are no longer even in a token sense allowed to matter.

Political evolution is failing us. More and more I sense the need for revolution to restore power into the hands of the people.


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I've rabbitted on about this for years now and the longer it goes on the bigger the backlash will be when it eventually comes. One of the problems is the information is in such disparate places - unlike the good old BBC which takes money from us and from the EU as well thus ensuring the info we do get is carefully filtered.

24 July 2009 at 18:22