George Foulkes – Criminal, Coward and Traitor

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

George Foulkes is a contemptible joke. An egregious individual even by Labour standards, he has two snouts and drains the taxpayers’ purse in both Westminster and Holyrood. Thrown out of his ministerial job after being arrested for assault and drunk and disorderly conduct in 1993, he wangled a peerage and clings pathetically to a list MSP job in the Scottish Parliament. How much longer he can cling on for is another matter entirely, following his latest bizarre utterance.

During defence questions in the Lords last week, Foulkes attacked the Chief of the Defence Staff (Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup) and the Chief of the General Staff (General Sir Richard Dannatt) and questioned their “loyalty” to their political masters. This follows General Dannatt’s loyalty to the troops under his command in lobbying for more resources, and the Chief of Defence Staff’s loyalty in defending General Dannatt from unprecedented and vicious smears and attacks. Without even considering the substance of these scurrilous attacks, it is clear that Foulkes is pathetic in comparison these courageous and outstanding officers. Stirrup has the Air Force Cross and Dannatt has the Military Cross. Neither of these gallantry decorations are awarded lightly, and a grubby little peerage for political expediency is utterly beneath comparison. Apparently grandfather Foulkes earned a Military Medal in the First World War…..he must be turning in his grave at these pathetic antics.

Foulkes claims that General Dannatt is somehow providing “succour” to the Taliban. This outrageous intervention follows other Labour smears, including calling Dannatt a “c*nt” behind his back. As I have stated before, this behaviour is cowardly, subversive and treacherous. It undermines the morale of soldiers in Afghanistan, who have enormous respect for the Chief of the General Staff, under the paternalistic and highly effective regimental system of the Army. Attacking the Chief of the General Staff this way is utterly unprecedented and unthinkable. I will say it again – it is treason. Foulkes will be held to account for this by the Armed Forces and their supporters, and I expect he will receive much “incoming fire” as well as finding himself persona non grata amongst the Armed Forces, Regimental and Service associations and the Royal British Legion…and everyone else as well. Most of the Labour Party will also be hanging their heads in horror….every time Foulkes opens his swine-like mouth, the party loses a thousand votes, every time there is a defence controversy the party loses a thousand votes, there is a by-election tomorrow and more coming in the near future. They will be thinking “time to get rid of this useless dinosaur who makes even Michael Martin appear the height of statesmanship by comparison…”

Brown and his government will also be held to account for the blood on their hands by the Armed Forces and their supporters, as it appears he has betrayed General Dannatt and his “shopping list” by reverting to his previous deceitful claims that British troops have enough resources and helicopters. This is in spite of interventions from Lord Malloch Brown of the Foreign Office (later retracted in part, clearly under pressure) and Brigadier General Ed Butler (most definitely unretracted). They will be held to account at the ballot box, when their treason and backstabbing will be remembered by all those who have served in uniform, their families and friends, and the wider British public – like those worthy souls who stand in remembrance all too often at Wootton Bassett. This is a war between the supporters of the Armed Forces and the government, and there will be only one outcome. Tragically, we will see more deaths in the meantime, with more blood on the hands of this government.

Back to Foulkes. Did I say he is a contemptible joke, and did I mention his arrest for assault and drunk and disorderly behaviour? Oh, so I did. Well, it appears that story has not been told in its entirety. My connections with the wider Armed Forces community have revealed that – before his arrest – Foulkes allegedly groped a female researcher at the event, and was lucky to escape chivalrous chastisement. I wonder how that revelation will sit with his researcher Kezia Dugdale, who has often spoken out on womens rights. We will have to wait and see.



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Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Send him an e mail, wishing him all the best...

22 July 2009 at 20:18
Anonymous said...

Sounds like an utter cretin. Not even the Labour Party deserves such a moron. What did we do to deserve this kind of government? Nothing. And that's just the point ....

22 July 2009 at 20:44
The Raven said...

Absolutely terrific post - nicely done.

22 July 2009 at 21:40
Anonymous said...
banned said...

Was this twat included in Lord Prime Minister Mandelsons bitch-slap of sleazy smearers ?

23 July 2009 at 06:04