Have Common Purpose Taken Control Of MPs Expenses Investigation?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

When Cressida Dick stood accused of losing control of the situation on the day Jean Charles de Menezes was killed, many of us we thought this would be last we would hear of her. The whole controversy surrounding that fateful day when the Met Police actively engaged in shoot-to-kill policing is still nothing less than a national disgrace.

The fact that no-one has been found guilty or accepted responsibility is just another indictment of just how sick and diseased the forces of the state in this country have become.

For not only has Cressida Dick, a supposed Common Purpose graduate, not disappeared off the scene as one would have expected in days of yore, she has in fact been promoted to the position of assistant commissioner of the Met Police and is now on a salary of £180,000 a year.

But even better than that is the fact that, as part of taking over the role of assistant commissioner, Cressida Dick is also now in charge of the investigation into the MPs expenses scandal. Yes, that's right, a former trainee of Common Purpose, the shadowy charity that exhorts it's members to 'lead beyond authority', will be in charge of investigating our political elite who have spent far too many years at the trough, living it up at our expense.

I for one do not condone the actions of the Keens and the Conways of this world, for what they did was quite clearly morally wrong, if not legally. But, I do feel there is more to the expenses story than we are currently aware, and that the politicians themselves have unwittingly become pawns in the masterplan to undermine democracy in our country, and our status as a sovereign independent country.

Put it like this, if Common Purpose are following a very exact plan as indicated elsewhere on the internet, then who better to have investigating our MPs than one of their own?

The pieces are all starting to fit, and it'll be interesting watching how the investigation by assistant commissioner Dick proceeds. I have a few predictions but nothing I'm willing to commit to just yet, but it's worth pointing to the prominent role she played in the arrest of Damian Green.


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John M Ward said...

Good piece!

It is indeed interesting to see how, over time, these CP graduates end up running such matters as those you have outlined — three in the case of just this one individual (de Menezes, Damian Green, and now the expenses investigation).

Keeping an eye on these CP people is an important part of the fight to get our country back from the subversive agencies around, from CP and the EU down to their people who are now embedded in most if not all of our public services.

3 July 2009 at 08:16