Kevan Jones - Traitor with Bloodstained Hands

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Attention is slowly being focussed on Kevan Jones. Iain Dale has been tipped off by a co-conspirator, worth a look.

Here's what I have found. The pathetic class warrior Kevan Jones has been attacking the generals for years. He took a particular pick against the-then Adjutant General (Sir Freddie Viggers) who had the temerity to step out of line and criticise the appalling state of Armed Forces accommodation, in January 2007.

Jones spent months of Parliamentary time trying to get some dirt on the fixtures and fittings of senior officers, particularly the Adjutant General. Here's one of his little gems, from June 2007 as recorded in Hansard.

Mr. Kevan Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence pursuant to the answer of 3 May 2007, Official Report, column 1851W, on army costs, for what purpose the chicken wire was erected at the residence of the Adjutant General.

More here, from September 2007.

Mr. Kevan Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence pursuant to the answer of 11 June 2007, Official Report, column 752W, on the Army Board, if he will provide a breakdown of the internal flights taken by the Chief of the General Staff in 2006; and what the purpose was of each flight.

Derek Twigg: I am withholding information about the details of the individual flights as its disclosure would or would be likely to endanger the safety of an individual.

The twat was even willing to endanger the safety of the Chief of the General Staff in his pathetic little class war campaign.

I've done some Googling. I can find no record of Kevan Jones asking questions about body armour, Snatch Land Rovers, helicopters, C-130 Hercules and Explosive Suppressant Foam, or Nimrod and air-air-refuelling. Failures in supply or safety of all these items have led directly to deaths.

If Jones had spent less time on class warfare and more time chasing real failings, then maybe less proletarian body bags would have been filled. He's bang to rights for treacherous briefings against General Dannatt, he has plenty of form and he is now a minister. Let's take him down....



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JuliaM said...

His voting record tells you all you need to know about this appalling little creep.

19 July 2009 at 07:19
Anonymous said...

I've written a letter to the Northern Echo, which is my local paper and also Mr Jones's rewriting some of this to attack him I hope you don't mind.

19 July 2009 at 14:22
subrosa said...

Despicable fool. And people say our MPs are 'quality'? Aye right.

19 August 2009 at 23:27
Penile Implant said...

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

4 May 2018 at 13:19