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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Probably the best thing about the upsurge in blogging is being able to read the wide variety of views on offer. For instance, I would never ever be able to find the time to read all the newspapers every day but by having them available to read online is great and I can probably get through them in about an hour and include some foreign press as well. On top of that are the personal politics blogs, mostly written by ordinary people, and those who post comments. It all adds up to a fairly comprehensive overview which you wouldn't get if you just, say, read one newspaper and listened to one tv news channel every day.

Two things stand out and smack you in the face: (1) msm news often seems like history because it's already been covered by independent bloggers; (2) by searching & sifting a blogger can often get much closer to the truth of a matter and so highlight an inherent political bias in an organisation.

Three words have been zipping around the blogs for well over a year now and they are:
**Scorched Earth Policy**

It's been a constant theme, at first tentative and bewildered, now accompanied by howls of outrage and advocating retribution on those responsible. Where do you think the cries of treason, cartoons of heads on pikes, witty and obscene videos and mock-ups have come from?

Well, the msm and Cameron's Conservatives have finally picked up on it: However, Team Cameron is deeply worried that Labour is pursuing what one of his aides called a "scorched earth" policy

It's a good article and takes a fairly in-depth look at how Labour are tying the hands of an incoming government.

I find it hard to believe that supposedly-intelligent MPs of all stripes haven't given this thought before. I know the Cons have had their internal problems since 1997 but nevertheless I think they've been weak and lacked the courage necessary to confront the government in any meaningful way.

The Conservatives probably will form the next government and the problems they helped to create as a result of ineffectually challenging Labour's policies will finally be theirs, as they've been ours for many years now.

Cameron, we're watching you and we want to see a true commitment to change together with a Grand Repeal Act of all Labour's lousy laws, directives and regulations in the first month. If you don't listen, it will be more of this:



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Good grief, I love that photo!

Good luck with the Cameron thing, though - it's not looking great so far.

4 July 2009 at 14:11