A slight spat

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Over on Guido's inestimable blog there's a slight spat ongoing between the host and Sir Michael (Kneepads) White over the 'blog versus MSM' theme.

In his defence, Kneepads says:
'What I do that really annoys Guido, Peter Oborne and other right-wing attack dogs is defend the political class as a whole from unwarranted assaults that are corrosive of democratic discourse and public trust. I don’t defend the indefensible, but I don’t hunt with the media pack either.'

Come off it White, we didn't all come down with the rain. You've done nothing else for years but defend your socialist bosses. Be up front. Tell us all why you got a knighthood and why you're known as 'Kneepads.'


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Richard Dale said...

The BBC and Guardian have ever been lickspittles of the Labour left. The Lobby journalists have long fallen in line, knowing which side their bread is buttered. There have long been stories widely known by those in the know, who felt that hoi poloi do not need to know until they deigned to tell, at a time to benefit them or the government that feeds them of course.

2 July 2009 at 21:56