Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Times reports that unnamed Labour MPs, ministers and advisers have been briefing against the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt. The Mail reports that one of the unattributed briefings referred to the General as a “total ****”.

We are fighting a war in Afghanistan. Troops are dying every week. What message does this send to soldiers risking their lives on operations, to those planning and supporting operations, to those making life-or-death decisions, if politicians are briefing against the head of the Army?

This disgraceful attack is without precedent. In fact, it constitutes treason. Attacking the Chief of the General Staff in this way will undermine morale in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

If anyone in uniform or in the Ministry of Defence made such an attack – speaking directly to journalists – then they would be punished. They would be breaching Defence Instruction Notice 2007DIN003/06 (which applies to the armed forces and also to civil servants) that prevents unauthorised contact with the media – assuming this wasn’t authorised! If in uniform, they would be charged and court-martialled under the Army Act (Navy or Air Force Act for the other services) or The Queen’s Regulations for bringing the Army into disrepute. In fact, they could well be charged with subversion, a very serious offence that falls just short of desertion and mutiny.

General Dannatt is greatly respected by rank-and-file soldiers as well as officers in a way that few chiefs of staff are. Many of his predecessors were admired by the public, but this was often due to a carefully-managed public profile. General Sir Mike Jackson was cut from the same cloth as Field Marshal Lord Montgomery of Alamein, although nowhere near as bad. Dannatt is different – he is a man of the utmost integrity, a committed Christian as well, a man who leads by personal example. He hasn’t been touring the TV studios talking tough, he has been lobbying politicians to get what he can for his troops in the face of government indifference. These attacks are utterly repellent and will cause enormous resentment in the Army – Dannatt has already been passed over for Chief of Defence Staff .

As I’ve said, in a time of war these attacks constitute treason. Those pathetic little Lord Haw Haws that are responsible – MPs, ministers, civil servants, special advisers – should be named and punished. If anyone knows who they are let me know at I will name them here, without fear. They must be punished as traitors – hanging would literally be too good for them. Drawing and quartering might just do the trick….



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JuliaM said...

"This disgraceful attack is without precedent. "

But not surprising, from Brown's government ministers.

They can see the writing on the wall. For them!

17 July 2009 at 05:31
banned said...

General Dannatt is greatly respected by the general public, he and the Armed Services know this.
Those who did those briefings are within the administration so perhaps Quislings would be an apt title.

17 July 2009 at 06:07
Anonymous said...

No depths are so murky, or so rank, that they will remain unplumbed by these filthy parasites who thrive only on corruption and carrion.

17 July 2009 at 07:32