Wartime Coward Gordon Brown

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Brown’s motivation for his ghost-written books on “courage” were exactly the same as Bruno’s adoption of an African child: self-promotion and advancement. Now we see what he is really like, with wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Brown was never interested in the Armed Forces at all during his time as Chancellor. He failed to take up an invitation for one-to-one talks with defence chiefs when Labour came to power. His legacy has been one of cuts followed by cuts, wrapped up in lies. Defence spending has plummeted under Brown, in terms of GDP. FFS, we are fighting a war and were fighting two wars between 2003 and now. This is completely contrary to the Strategic Defence Review undertaken by Labour: George Robertson is the only Labour defence secretary to have seriously looked at the Armed Forces and capabilities versus requirements, and that was mainly a book-balancing exercise to get major procurement projects and the nuclear deterrent down on paper. We’ve known since late 2001 that expeditionary military operations would be focussed in countries such as Afghanistan…so why weren’t the procurement decisions taken back then, rather than now? It took until 2007 to make the decision to refit the eight dysfunctional Chinook Mk 3s languishing at Boscombe Down…they may be ready by the end of this year, well after John Reid began sending extra troops in 2006.

It’s worth looking at the defence secretaries since Robertson went to NATO (a far better gravy train). With one exception (John Hutton, who saw how bad it was and got out) all were wilfully or inadvertently neglectful, with political strings leading back to their puppet-masters Blair and Brown. The worst of the bunch was Hoon (known as “that c*nt Hoon or TCH by all in uniform) – until now, with Ainsworth giving even TCH a credible challenge as the worst defence secretary ever. They cared little for operational priorities or the welfare of troops and families, caring only about how the wars could be spun as government successes.

Commanders have been ignored, gagged, slapped down or sidelined and defence budgets have been cut deep into the bone. It’s a lie that the Treasury is funding operations from a contingency reserve – these costs are recouped from the MoD, jeopardising future procurement. Bear in mind that the MoD operates on a fixed allocation of cash (the “Defence Vote”) – more equipment means less troops and less spending on welfare, more troops means less equipment and less spending on welfare – and Peter is robbed to pay Paul and vice versa every time. There is no new money and any claim that there is new money is a Labour lie.

This all comes back to Brown, as brooding guardian of the Treasury and now Prime Minister. He has shown no interest in the Armed Forces at all. This would have been tolerable in peacetime, but it is simply treasonous in wartime. This contempt is endemic in the Labour character and has been since the Bolshevik Revolution. Characters like Reid and Ainsworth are former Communists and hate and despise the Armed Forces. Traditions like loyalty and service are anathema to the creed of the apparachik, and there is undoubtedly a large dollop of class envy and suspicion in there as well. Another former Communist, Mandelson, referred to the Brigade of Guards as “chinless wonders”. I wonder if he has since read the journal of Lieutenant Iverson. I doubt it. Now that the inadequacies of the war are clearly evident, Brown is claiming that the government acted on the advice of the Armed Forces at all times, using the generals as human shields. Everyone knows the Ministry of Defence has a policy of “don’t ask, won’t get”: don’t ask for more troops or resources because you won’t get them.

This government has no goodwill at all towards the Armed Forces, and possesses a natural sense of hostility and suspicion towards the institutions and traditions of the three Services. It sends them off to ill-thought wars with inadequate equipment and cuts down those who speak out of turn, like the commissars at Stalingrad manning the machine guns behind the human waves carrying one rifle and five rounds between two men. Brown is a mendacious coward who hates the Armed Forces and he has blood on his hands.



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Pavlov's Cat said...

I have never understood why the 'left' hates the military so much.

But then again the draw down of our armed forces started well before NuLabor with the tail end of the Thatcher and then the Major Govt.

As Dr Johnson said ' Each man feels meanly of himself that has not served'

Our armed services embody everything they cannot understand, patriotism , loyalty, bravery, duty and honour.

and they hate them so much.
wv. verve

15 July 2009 at 22:40
INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Great stuff got it right on with DF no doubt about that. Spineless marxist.

If you want an integrated global military force you need to take down the parts of that potential force that have not been reconstituted.

USofA and to a lesser extent UK have armed forces that feel themselves to be victors. Other members of that potential force having ben defeated at some point in 20th century do not feel that way and will accept the integration into a supranational entity more readily.

I sense great danger for UK forces being in proximity to US forces. The take down will be messy. Then the new supranational force can get itself together more easily.

Traitors abound, Mandelbrot Set with deep links to Europe will be in the thick of it.

Heads up.

16 July 2009 at 00:15