Who Do You Want To Be UK Nomination For EU President?

Saturday, 25 July 2009

None of the voices in our particular resistance is happy with the EU Lisbon Treaty stitch up, but it seems to be a done deal that Tony Blair will be the UK nomination for the newly created role of President.

Of course, the position is not an elected one, and you and me have no say over the candidates or over the nominations. That is not good enough! So, I have put a poll up over at my place to see who you would like to see as the UK nomination.

Please pop over briefly and have your say!



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This comment has been removed by the author. 25 July 2009 at 19:15

Vaclav Klaus. No contest. There are no Brits I would want to nominate, so we'll just have to nominate a foreigner.

25 July 2009 at 19:19
Fausty said...

The results are amusing, if not surprising!

25 July 2009 at 20:17

What about HM The Queen ?

After she's installed as Euro-President she can do a Louis Napoleon and turn Europe into a monarchy , before pulling the UK out and leaving the rest to fester in Bonapartist tyranny .

Well , the idea has cheered me up .

26 July 2009 at 03:43