Anti-British Welcome Pro-British Piss Off

Saturday, 15 August 2009

If you are pro-British, kindly f*ck off please! - Here in the UK, we like to see demonstrators burning British flags and shouting at soldiers coming home. We like it when eggs are thrown at politicians who fight for the rights of the British people.

Any theme that is red, white and blue held here in the UK will be targeted by the governments 'anti-facist' mob-rule group known as the UAF - who use term 'democracy' and 'freedom of speech', but they certainly don't want it.

Anti-British - Welcome!

So UAF? Tell me, where was your protest against the 7/7 bombings of innocent British people on the tube? Where were you when the British soldiers came home to an anti-British protest in their own country? Where is your protest against Al-Muhajiroun who actively state that the British society should become Islamic?

It seems to be that the UAF only attack, sorry 'protest' against white people who love Britain? So it is wrong to have white skin, be English and proud of your own country and live IN your own country and voice that opinion? Err, how is this justified exactly?

Can you imagine if there was a UAF group in Iran made up of an all-white group who followed around an Iranian group in their own country whose only interest was the heritage of Iran? They would have the living sh*t kicked out of them. Such is the audacity of this Labour government.

Its time to dissolve this wretched UAF group who are taxpayer funded by the draconian Labour government. They have no moral right to attack an elected political party.

UAF - Kindly f*ck off! I do not endorse your cause and if you insist on being a menace to society, then get your own funding and stop sucking on the taxpayer's teat.


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Techno Mystic said...

They are a bunch of sh*ts, I completely agree.

16 August 2009 at 00:25

A group using there anti Fascist message as a cover for there own brand of violence or dare I say it terrorism!!!!

Now there controversial

17 August 2009 at 10:20