Britains Drug and Gun Culture.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Tories are warning that Britain's streets are turning into scenes from the US TV show "The Wire". This is hardly news or a surprise to those of us who have lived in these sorts of areas. I was speaking to a friend from Luton over messenger last night and she has finally decided to move to the outskirts of town, as someone was shot directly outside her flat a few weeks ago and she is terrifed to go out, of even going to work.

Chris Grayling will blame Labour for standing by while "urban wars" break out in parts of the country. Of course, Labour are completely responsible for the situation in the first place. Violent crime in Britain has risen by 70% since labour came to power, Chris Grayling blames family breakdown and the benefits culture.

"Since 1997, crime has fallen by 36%. Overall drug use is at historically low levels and robust action is ensuring drugs are being taken off the streets," he said" - What planet does Mr Campbell live on? Why does this Labour government continue to treat us as though we are complete and utter morons? Why do they think Margaret Moran didn't live in Luton? It's a dangerous, nasty place to live that's why!

Labour are loving the melee, it gives them the reason they need to dictate to us via a corrupt Police Force who end up merely wasting time hounding innocent people whilst they put into motion the wheels of their totalitarian regime and continued nannying and nagging of the population to justify their existence!

If family breakdown and the benefits culture were the only reasons this is occuring, I would be very surprised. The majority of areas where violent crime is rife are our "diverse" cities and towns. The main reason for this is simple. Labour's mass multicultural social utopia experiment has failed. They have allowed migrants to solely occupy areas instead of ensuring integration into the main population. As each area is occupied by an ethnic group, ownership and a tribal need to defend their "turf" springs forth into minds that are devoid of the normal things in life, like a job!

It encourages ethnic and white extremism as each tribal group fights for superiority. You can say what you like, but at the end of the day, human beings always have and always will be tribal by nature, that is just the way things are! Look at American gang culture, it is driven by ethnicity. It should have been a lesson to our government, not a blueprint for multicultural success but multicultural mayhem!

Another friend of mine was warned to leave Luton a year or so back as she was told "Luton is muslim now, you don't belong here". That friend was born in Luton as were her parents and grandparents.

Uncontrolled migration has led to vast areas of unemployment which fuels the bored minds of restless people, who soon turn to crime in order to live the lifestyle that they expected when they arrived in the UK and which the credit culture has encouraged amongst others. The foreign gangs that Labour kindly let into the UK who deal with everything from forced prostitution (East Europeans), child slavery for benefits (East Europeans), Identity Fraud (Africans), drugs (just about everyone else) and money laundering ensures continous lucrative employment for the hapless, at the expense of those who simply wish to work and have a normal civilised life with their families.

It is time to get tough. The time has come to punish those who offend against ordinary people. This means deporting foreign criminals instead of housing them in our "luxury, playstation, sky tv, internet, choice of menu" prisons at the taxpayers expense.

It means putting the human rights of victims first before the terrorists, murderers and thieves. Our prisons would then have space for British citizens that break the law. It means controlling immigration properly and deporting illegal immigrants. It means putting an end to the benefit culture that draws them to our shores and has them queuing at Calais.

Manchester has recently topped the league in Britain for burglaries. It is catching up to London in overall crime figures. You would think that the Police would be patrolling the streets tirelessly to ease the crime rate. You would be wrong! Manchester Police have decided that the way to tackle their shameful, embarrassing crime figures is to set up nineteen dedicated "hate crime" centres.

Although, I agree combatting hate crime is important, I hardly think that being called a "Paki" even comes near to shooting, stabbing or rape in any normal persons mind.

Are the conservatives going to tackle the real roots of crime? I doubt it... most are just not aware of the real problems as they look out of their front windows in leafy commuter belt country! For those that know where the truth lies, they keep their mouths firmly shut for fear of being labelled racist.

The situation has become so serious, private security companies are booming and the Gurkhas have found a need for their skills guarding our children on their way to school.

A book by Christopher Caldwell entitled "Reflections on the revolution in Europe - Immigration, Islam and the West" is being hailed by the more honest of our politicians like Douglas Carswell. It outlines the dangers of ignoring the issue of uncontrolled immigration by the governments of the EU and the UK. Ed West has done a review on the book in "The Catholic Herald".



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Edgar said...

The truth simply does not matter. And while such is the case in the minds of the powerful, how can the situation improve?

Not by any lawful means, that's for sure.

26 August 2009 at 12:05
indigomyth said...

Isn't free migration a cornerstone of Libertarian political thought? And how would a libertarian government go about dividing up these groups of people? Would that not mean interfering in peoples lives? I was under the impression that free association was a human right?

26 October 2009 at 19:49