Don't Inject Me: The Swine flu vaccine song

Wednesday, 26 August 2009



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Anonymous said...

Mike Adams is a certified Quack.

What education does he have in medicine? None. He has read a bunch of books mostly by other non-doctors.

This garbage about vaccines being dangerous is in fact dangerous in itself.

The fears of vaccines affecting children - the rallying cry of Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy - has been clearly and repeatedly debunked. But the proponents NEVER bother to answer to the specific evidence, they only go right back to spearding their original mis-information... at which point it quits being misinformation and becomes outright lies.

Yes. Vaccinnes infect you with the very disease they are made to prevent. THAT IS THE POINT! Your body deals with a mild-version of the virus and builds an immune response so that it can handle the dangerous form better if it should come in contact with it. Anyone making Adams' argument does not know their science.

Do NOT take your medical advice from a rapping computer technician. Do not take your medical advice from a former Playmate whose biggest claim to fame was picking her nose on MTV. Take your medical advice from doctors.

But "doctors are in the pay of Big Pharma"... you say?

Well here's one for you. Andrew Wakefield, the doctor whose research that started the entire Anti-Vax movement... WAS BEING PAID by a pharmaceutical company to undermine existing vaccinations in favour of their own single product. Now who do you trust?

Get vaccinated against H1N1 - protect yourself, protect your children, protect others via 'herd immunity' who genuinely can't be vaccinated for medical reasons, and if you are old enough to have one, wear your vaccination scar as a badge of honour. Your kids don't have polio - because of that scar.

27 August 2009 at 19:43