A few questions with no answers

Monday, 17 August 2009

The townsfolk of old Wootton Bassett
Regularly pay their respect
To the corpses of brave British soldiers
In a way that we’ve come to expect.

It’s right that we honour the fallen
And regret young lives that are lost,
For the sake of a few helicopters
And failure to pay up the cost.

So why should our soldiers be slaughtered
For Departments who can’t do their sums
And the Ministers who should to be leading
Continue to sit on their thumbs?

We ‘re told that the war is defensive;
Keeping terror away from our shores.
The Taliban must be defeated
To settle political scores.

Democracy will be exported
So Afghans can all have their say,
But these tribesmen can never be trusted
To behave in a rational way.

So why should our soldiers be slaughtered
For a philosophical whim,
Depriving their children of fathers
For an end that’s increasingly slim?

With many thanks to Ian for this.

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