Keeping The Masses Silent

Monday, 10 August 2009

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Instapundit has a cartoon from the Washington Examiner, which in that one piece of satire justifies the title of the publication.


The left has always tried to silence dissent. That is one aspect of their desire not to listen to anything that does not agree with them, or to learn which has been a bit of a theme on my blog recently, but it is also an aspect of the natural authoritarianism of the left.

If tyranny needs the silence of people of good conscience, how does tyranny gain that foothold? It does so by persuading people that speaking out is not an act of good conscience, it does so by shutting them up. It does so by crying ‘racism’ at every mention of immigration, at every criticism of or satire on a black person, at every arrest of Islamic suspects, or simply as a smear of an opponent. It does so by telling us to think of the children (in that link I am not commenting on the case, but the NSPCC reaction). It does so by saying ‘poverty’, and defining that word as broadly as possible. It does so by talking about workers’ rights, but never allowing rights to employers or customers (even when they are the same people). It does so by accusing opponents of its own flaws (astroturfing in the debate over Obama’s programme of legislation, financial interest in the climate debate).

The left has always tried to silence debate. It has had to more and more because it lost the rational debate; objective evidence of the 20th century is that socialism does not work, and never has.

All Tyranny needs to gain a foothold is that men of good conscience remain silent, so the left has to make sure such men remain silent, or are redefined as not having good conscience.



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You're absolutely right, DR. The left either ignores debate, changes its terms of reference or redefines the language. The whole ragbag of socialism is shot through with corruption, mendacity and authoritarianism. According to their terms, I've now been redefined as 'far right'.

10 August 2009 at 15:06
Fausty said...

Labour controls people via fear. Its agenda (the unspoken one) is abhorrent to most people with good common sense.

GV, they even label the BNP "far-right" when in fact it is to the left of Labour. The seem to have lost their collective compass.

Perhaps we should prefix all reference to Labour with "left-wing extremist party"

10 August 2009 at 15:31
Barking Spider said...

Labour constantly have to move the goalposts and look more like a busted flush every time they do it. Their end is nigh and I'm in full agreement with Fausty that,(if not before they are ousted then soon after), they need to be labelled as a "left-wing extremist party"!

10 August 2009 at 16:40
JuliaM said...

Thanks for the comments.

Labelling Labour as 'left-wing extremists' could be justified by the recent increase in government spending if nothing else. However as you say their totalitarian impulses also lend credence.

10 August 2009 at 17:30
Liquid said...

What makes anyone think there'll be an election....

10 August 2009 at 20:49

Great post, and one that justifies this blog's existence. Thanks.

10 August 2009 at 23:59

Excellent post! Kick tyranny to the curb by voicing your opinions.

11 August 2009 at 01:10