Baroness Scotland Lies Live on BBC News

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

..or she still does not understand her own Law despite falling foul of it. In either case she should resign.

She claims she has been given an administrative penalty for "failing to photocopy a document." this is not the case she was fined for employing an illegal immigrant and not doing proper checks.

She told the BBC that "had I photocopied this document there would have been no question that I would have fulfilled every single thing that I should have done." This couldn't be further from the truth, it is in plain English a lie.

Note that she says "this document" this is critical because given what we already know there is no single document that would have met the criteria. Here are the guidelines issued by the home office, they go into excruciating detail that if followed prevents employment of illegal immigrants, they even provide an helpful employee helpline on 0845 010 6677 should you have any doubts at all about what to do. Remember this employers support is all provided free of charge to the Baroness at a cost to you the taxpayer. So, if after all this support the the rules are too complicated for Patricia Scotland they should be scrapped and she should go.

The guidance states that for each document presented, you should:

• check any photographs are consistent with the appearance of the employee (this means you must see them in person); and

• check any dates of birth listed are consistent across documents and that you are satisfied that these correspond with the appearance of the employee; and

• check that the expiry dates of any limited leave to enter or remain in the UK have not passed; and

• check any UK Government endorsements (stamps, visas, etc.) to see if your prospective or current employee is able to do the type of work you are offering; and

• satisfy yourself that the documents are valid and genuine, have not been tampered with and belong to the holder; and

• if your employee gives you two documents which have different names, ask them for a further document to explain the reason for this. The further document could be a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, a deed poll or statutory declaration.

She had to copy and retain the CORRECT documents, these did not exist, otherwise her housekeeper would not have been an illegal immigrant. Photocopying irrelevant documents such as an out of date passport would not have given her any defence. How can she not know this, she is the Attorney General FFS. The only qualification to this is she was presented with forged documents but she has made no such claim.

She must be asked to clear this up now, what documents did you see? Did you check the dates? did you satisfy yourself that they had not been tampered with? Are you claiming you were shown forged documents? The BBC did not ask any of these critical questions.

This is the standard that she holds every employer in the country to. To trivialise her own laws live on the BBC demonstrates how unfit for the post she is.


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Fausty said...

So why are the opposition parties merely calling for her resignation when it is clear that she broke the law?

Would Clegg or Cameron use the same tactics in office?

Very shady goings on in all three parties, methinks.

22 September 2009 at 17:11
John M Ward said...

Yes, this is just about the size of it.

Although the precise rules and regulations have changed since I worked in immigration myself, the way one handles employment of someone in such circumstances is clear-cut and has not changed materially in decades.

The fault was not specifically to do with "photocopying documents" — it was, as you rightly say, to do with employing someone whose immigration status was either not checked (meaning incompetent handling of the matter) or knowledge of that status (meaning deliberate breaking of the law).

Either way, Lady Scotland is liable for something, and is one of the relatively few people in the country to have absolutely no excuse.

22 September 2009 at 17:13
GCooper said...

A ZaNuLabour minister lying? Surely not!

There are no depths to which this shabby apology for a government will not sink.

22 September 2009 at 18:21

Off with her head Remove the baroness title

22 September 2009 at 18:28