Charles Clarke's Red Herring

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Just watched Charles Clarke's appearance on Newsnight and I was struck by the one thing: Charles Clarke is more concerned about the survival of the Labour party than what is right or wrong for our country.

Yes, his thoughts on Gordon Brown are quite damaging and, in a way, are quite welcome. BUT, if you read his interview in the Evening Standard and/or listen to his interview on Newsnight, at no point did he state that Gordon Brown's leadership is damaging the well-being of the country. Instead, his whole focus is on the damage that will be inflicted on the Labour party at the next election (if we get one!) if Brown continues in his puppet role.

So for all those who reading this who think Clarke has done a good thing today by attacking Brown, I would say you must look at the real message he is sending out. It is a message of self-interest, of maintaining the Labour machine that has done so much damage to our country. Clarke isn't manouvering against Brown out of any interest in the country's future. He's not doing it out of any sense of guilt, or sense of duty to the public. No, Clarke's betrayal of the British people is worse than that. It an exercise in damage limitation and nothing more.

Charles Clarke is trying to breathe life into the NuLab corpse, and for that reason alone he has shown himself to be as much a traitor to the British people as Brown himself. Don't be fooled!



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Barking Spider said...

He was a shit Home Secretary too, and far too keen to introduce yet more of Labour's draconian laws - he was no great loss to the Country!

24 September 2009 at 01:57
JuliaM said...

"So for all those who reading this who think Clarke has done a good thing today by attacking Brown..."

'The enemy of my enemy is...'

...still my enemy, it seems!

24 September 2009 at 08:03