Foulkes - Pathetic Attempt at a Smear

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The years of binge drinking - culminating in his arrest for drunken assault - must have really softened his brain.

The Telegraph reports that the MoD has responded to Foulkes's pathetic attempt to smear General Sir Richard Dannatt. Foulkes submitted a series of Parliamentary Questions to dig out details of the general's use of helicopters and cost of entertaining and accommodation.

This backfired when General Dannatt released details of his own expenses independently, evidence of a far-from-lavish lifestyle and in fact commendable economy.

However, Foulkes is still trying to make mischief.

“I think in particular the use of helicopters for non-operational engagements was something that raised my eyebrows at a time when he has commented on the lack of helicopters in Afghanistan.”

What a load of absolute drivel. The helicopters used by Dannatt will be of a certain type and model (most likely Squirrels, used as training aircraft: edited to add, probably Agusta A109E as used by No 32 The Royal Squadron for VIPs including politicians since 2006) also used by a range of senior officers, civil servants and VIPs including policticians. The helicopters that British troops need - to save lives that are being lost weekly - are medium to heavy lift helicopters, in particular the Chinook. There's also the small matter of the combat-ready aircrew to fly the aircraft (including the two loadmasters to get the troops and equipment on and off), the groundcrew to service the aircraft....all cut back over a decade of Labour underfunding and cutbacks.

Two Chinooks have been lost recently in Afghanistan* - the airframes destroyed on the ground - so the need is even more urgent. Training and civilian helicopters are utterly useless for troop transport.

Foulkes is beneath contempt - he is using the lives of dead soldiers to score a pathetic political point through an utterly misleading comparison, in order to further his own class war agenda and a Labour regime in terminal decline.

The sooner this bloated toad is removed from public life the better. Less that two years to go!

*thankfully no fatalities

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