Megrahi Decision

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Subrosa makes a point on her blog re the article in the Times today were a former diplomat to Libya, Oliver Miles seems to think "something fishy" going on around the al-Megrahi release.

I agree with points made but also I feel another point or 2 is also linked into the mix here.

These are reported also in todays Times and consist of

1. WPV Yvonne Fletcher
2. Attempted assassination on Gaddaffi in 1996 supposedly by MI6.

WPC Fletcher was shot in 1984, during a demonstration outside the Libyan Embassy, the bullet almost certainly havng been fired from the first floor of the building. Her killer was thought to have been smuggled out of the country after the shooting. As Libya shed its pariah status, Metropolitan Police officers investigating the case visited Tripoli in 2004, 2006 and 2007, but without obvious success.

The assassination attempt occurred in 1996 when Colonel Gaddafi’s motorcade was attacked in the town of Sirte. He survived but six bystanders were killed.

The now ex-M15 officer and disgraced and proven a liar Mr David Shayler, later claimed that MI6 had paid the so-called Islamic Fighting Group £100,000 to carry out the attack.

Last night Whitehall sources denied the two investigations were linked and insisted that the traffic was all one way, with the Metropolitan Police seeking Libya’s assistance in bringing WPC Fletcher’s killer to justice.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said it had assured Colonel Gaddafi that there was no British plot to assassinate him, and that Mr Shayler’s allegations had been thoroughly investigated and discounted.

“There’s this case and another case when somebody tried to assassinate the leader. These two cases are linked together,” Mohammed Siala, a member of Libya’s Cabinet, replied when asked yesterday if Libya would show WPC Fletcher’s family the compassion that was shown to the Lockerbie bomber by surrendering her killer.

Mr Siala’s comments will stir even more feelings around not only the release of al-Megrahi but also around the whole British governments handling of the entire Libyian issue and its lack of communication from the start and also apparent sleeze, the hand of Mandleson in Corfu, Gordon Brown silence, hurried release of transcript docs and oil contracts amongst other issues.
A dirty little subject which is not going away in a hurry.



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