Think Of The Children

Thursday, 10 September 2009

The following comment was made in response to a debate on the Telegraph's website regarding the Independent Safeguarding Authority, the not so independent quango charged with vetting whether adults represent a risk to children they come into contact with through work. There is nothing much more to add as this comment says it all and I implore you to read it and consider the implications for our society and where we are being taken.

The logical extension of this is that biological parents will have to be vetted when children are born.

If they are deemed unsuitable then the children will be taken into the care of the state.

This is already happening piecemeal, as a trial, to try it out and to de-sensitise the population to it.

We have read reports recently in the DT of decent families whose children have been abducted by the state, not because of any criminal offences or abuse but because - well, because the state wanted to and they could.

This makes sense as we all know the grim statistic that most crimes against the persons of children are committed by people they know and very often by people in the family.

'You know it makes sense', as that appaling woman in the cabinet liked to blather, or as Ed Balls would say - he having now taken up speaking on behalf of everyone else - 'we all want it' (reference his comment on Lockerbie terrorist).

The point about all this is first to insert the state between adults and children - the point has already been reached where most adult males are afraid to speak to children they do not know - and then to insert the state between parents and children.

The aim is to destroy the civil society and family life.

The state is going to destroy all ties between people and then the atomised individuals will have only one relationship - with the state.

The blueprint is in George Orwell's book '1984'

The extremist left-liberalnot nutters will keep at it. It is their Common Purpose (try Googling that if you dare).

UPDATE - I have added 'Common Purpose' to the labels for this post because after doing a cursory check of the members of the board of the ISA, virtually all of the members of this organisation (with a few exceptions) have some sort of connection to the Common Purpose charity. Dr John Belcher, for instance, previously sat on the board of the People for Places Group with none other than Julia Middleton, which was an unusual appointment in the first instance given the fact that, as stated in this article, she acknowledged at the time that she had no real experience of working in housing. How very strange!

UPDATE II - Daily Mail reporting that 1 in 4 British citizens will come under the microscope of this unelected and unaccountable organisation. At what point do we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?


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Jess The Dog said...

I have no problem with the state taking children into care at a very early age.

Children whose wretched existence is perpetuated by the state itself.

These children.

Those who can support their own family, and have not committed a crime, are the wrong target.

10 September 2009 at 12:34
Anonymous said...

Hate to state the bleeding obvious but has anyone else noticed their logo?

10 September 2009 at 18:52