Nick Griffin's Question Time remix - the video.

Friday, 23 October 2009



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Andrew Robertson said...

Pretty Pathetic - however it seems the majority public view of QT was that the audience was loaded and that Nick Griffin said what is on a lot of people's minds.

Free speech - means everyone has a right to express their view(s).
The Socialist protesters are the real fascists - Hitler would be proud of their attempts to stifle debate and opinion.

23 October 2009 at 21:05

Andrew, I agree with you about the QT audience being loaded. However Nick Griffin is a racist and this video is funny.

Nick didn't say "what is on a lot of people's minds" He said what was on a few bigoted idiots minds. Everyone tends to agree that uncontrolled immigration has been a problem - but Nick Griffin and his BNP are not the answer.

QT may have been one sided and unfair. Griffin may also have a genuine complaint - but he still made a right tit of himself.

23 October 2009 at 21:15
GCooper said...

Like it or not, according to the Telegraph's latest poll, over 20 per cent of the population share at least some of Grffin's concerns about immigration.

My guess would be that leaves out a considerable number who were too intimidated to admit they, at least partially, sympathise.

The time has passed when the word 'Racist' was a trump card.

It has been worn-out, which is just as well - it was always a sophomoric cliché.

23 October 2009 at 23:30


What percentage would have agreed to the repatriation of all non-white citizens?

I share SOME of Nick Griffin's concerns about immigration, but SOME of his policies turn my stomach. The man IS a racist. Anyone who agrees with Nick Griffin's views on an all white Britain is a racist. If people don't like being called racist, then they should either learn to live with other people's loathing, or change their attitudes.

23 October 2009 at 23:58
GCooper said...

DL writes: "What percentage would have agreed to the repatriation of all non-white citizens?"

I've no idea. And I guarantee that you haven't, either.

I've also no idea whether that is actually a genuine BNP policy or just the sort of wet dream someone like Peter Hain enjoys.

And that's the problem. As soon as the shrill cry of 'racist"!' goes up, all semblance of debate must cease. It's the trump card of those too scared to argue a case.

I loathe what I know of the BNP's economic policies and I am deeply suspicious of their past.

Then again, how often do we hear about the communist pasts of the Millibands or the Charles Clarkes or Alan Milburns?

Is Griffin worse for doubting the holocaust than those who doubt (to this day) the crimes of that other mass-murderer, Mao?

You see, if we are not scrupulously impartial, then we are no better that the forces of intellectual darkness against which this blog claims to be the resistance. In fact, we are just the same as they are.

I agree, the BNP is not be the answer, but given the absolute failure of the political classes to even admit a question about mass immigration to this country, then I would suggest it isn't the BNP that is really the problem.

It's those who try to suppress debate.

24 October 2009 at 00:22
banned said...

Likewise I have no time for Griffin or the BNP but he has at last brought the question of migration to the forefront of politics and might just force the mainstream parties to address the publics concerns about mass immigration.
While agreeing that it would be wholly wrong to 'repatriate' ( ie expel ) those who have been allowed to come to this country I have wanted a brake put on that process ever since I noticed it in the 1980's.

26 October 2009 at 09:05