Brown's Conjuring Tricks

Sunday, 29 November 2009

"Somebody shake me, wake me, when it's over.
Somebody tell me that I'm dreaming and wake me when it's over..."

Another day, another dollar pocketed in the global elite's snooker table of life.  Gordon Brown (*sigh*) has shown he's not one to keep his flaky ideas to himself; here's the latest:  an international satellite monitoring system.  As the article suggests, there are a few countries who might be instinctively opposed to this, not least China.

He's already pledged £800m, that we don't have, to his proposed £10bn fund to alleviate the burden on 3rd world countries between 2010-2012:  "Together the collective power of the Commonwealth must be brought together to tackle a new historic injustice, that of climate change.”

Why can't he just stfu and hie himself off to a nunnery where he can pray for world harmony all day long - he'll love the ankle-skimming garb and face-framing snoods.  That would be a better way for him to live up to his father's principles of wealth redistribution and it  would be cheaper for us as well.  (Dubai, courtesy of RSB, here we come!)

As an aside to all this largesse, I read on another blog (sorry, I didn't bookmark it) that he's also given £275m in aid to another country in the past couple of days whilst Cockermouth with the worst flooding for years has been given only £1m.  I don't suppose Brown understands the old saying: Charity begins at home.  Look at that phrase, it isn't a selfish ideology, what it means is that you have to be strong yourself in order to help others.  If you're fubar'd yourself you're not in a position to help anyone.  UK plc is fubar'd.

A superfluous illustration:  Imagine a truck carrying adults and children breaks down whilst crossing a desert.  There's no communication, no one will look for them, supplies are limited and they have no choice but to set out walking.  It's a long, hard slog.  Who should have first call on the food & water?  Adults or children?  My answer is at the end of the post.

Brown, Blair, the Fabians, Common Purpose & their adherents are 'the greatest historic injustice' this country has ever faced.  I've often called them muppets for their ill-thought out plans and half-baked ideas but really, there's only one muppet here, and that's me.  Something more than blogging must be done and the way things are developing, some thing more than voting will be needed.

* The adults - they'll have the strength to continue walking and will carry the children to safety.  The other way round and they'll all die.

2ozs of Olde English Humbugs to my favourite Grumpy Old Twat for the graphic.



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nemo_sum said...

The Scotch cyclops gets crazier by the day; will someone please put this c*nt out of our misery!

29 November 2009 at 15:43
Fausty said...

"Something more than blogging must be done and the way things are developing, some thing more than voting will be needed."

Indeed. Civil disobedience can be employed, but even that's not enough.

29 November 2009 at 17:41
GCooper said...

I understand the world's temperature is already being monitored by satellite. I gather that the eco-loons don't believe the figures being returned.

29 November 2009 at 22:17
Marcellus said...

When will people realise? The BROADCASTERS are our target and our enemy.

The Project is succeeding because they effectively control broadcast news

The present day broadcast media is the most powerful mind-bending power in the history of Humanity.

The individuals of the Project are immune to any argument. They want total power over us.

Without the incessant propaganda of the broadcast news programs, even now the Project would fail.

Any resistance should be directed at destroying the power of the few UNELECTED individuals who control the broadcast news programmes. They should be shamed and exposed.

Eventually (if there is an eventually) the whole system has to be completely changed. The digital broadcasting infrastructure must be opened up to allow dozens of other companies to provide simultaneous news programmes - we choose by a Remote from an on-screen menu which comes up at News time. We did it to BT - so we can do it to the BBC and the other terrestrials . No more must a few control what we hear and see.

30 November 2009 at 16:07