Ex-Finnish Health Minister admits swine flu is a hoax

Friday, 6 November 2009

The ex-health MinisterChief Medical Officer of Finland, Dr Rauni Kilde, admits that swine flu is a hoax designed to kill off as much of the population as possible, while making billions for Big Pharma.

She says that the scheme was derived by the Bilderberg group (14th/15th May 2009), the idea originating from Henry Kissinger. A near split occurred at the meeting.

What stance do you think Britain's 'representative' to that Bilderberg meeting might've taken? What are their incentives?

Are there any high-powered lawyers in the house who will hunt these criminals down and try them for attempted mass murder and treason?

Are you still going to take that swine flu shot?



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John M Ward said...

This does fit in with the story we both covered about five weeks ago concerning compulsory jabs with the threat of imprisonment for refusing to have one.

I am inclined to believe this, and certainly intend to avoid the jab myself (though then again, with my decidedly odd biochemistry the stuff probably wouldn't work anyway).

This does need to be dealt with, but I don't know how.

6 November 2009 at 22:49
banned said...

It also covers why they are picking on the young and pregnant first and why there are two versions of the vaccines and why they are not bothering with oldies since they will be dead soon anyway.

7 November 2009 at 04:46
Anonymous said...

John, I've posted an update to this on my blog. Jane Burgermeister is interviewed. She says that according to documents she's seen, she believes some sort of quarantine / incarceration is possible for dissenters.

Civil disobedience must be the answer. We surely cannot be forced to take a potentially deadly vaccine for a virus that has proved to be milder than normal flu!

Banned, indeed.

I hope it's not true, but I'm damned if I'll let them inject me or mine!

7 November 2009 at 12:39
James said...

I would never take a swine flu shot, especially since they have been linking vaccines to autism.

I would not be surprised if the Bilderberg was behind it.

21 September 2010 at 04:45

I hate flues! They just ruin lives. So at a young age, start living a healthy life..

26 February 2011 at 16:57