Farage In EU Parliament - Another Great Video

Friday, 27 November 2009

I have posted a number of videos from Nigel Farage before, this one will not disappoint. Firstly Mr Farage delivers another soaring speech that is typical of him, but also he reveals (well, I didn't know this..) that Baroness Ashton is not only an awful choice for the post to which she has been appointed (or, is perfect if you wish to flip it on it's head) but she was the Treasurer for the CND in the 1980's when sizable and questionable donations were received.

Keep watching after Mr Farage sits down. The reaction from those in the chamber to a speech that broadly mirrors the opinions of the people of the UK reveals exactly why the UK must leave the EU, for we, and our views are not appreciated nor are they welcomed.



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Anonymous said...

Where has the rest of the resistance gone Dan?

27 November 2009 at 15:03
Anonymous said...

Farage has guts. Precisely the sort of politician this country hungers for.

27 November 2009 at 23:32

Shame he's stepping down as UKIP leader, but there you go.
They never answer our questions, do they, becasue we don't really exist to the Project's leaders.

28 November 2009 at 16:17