G20: The truth behind the summit in Scotland

Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Corbett Report interviewed Daniel Estulin, who revealed the behind-the-scenes details of the G20 Finance Minister's meeting in St. Andrews, Scotland in early November.

Details were derived from actual G20 documents that his sources sneaked out of the meetings, despite heavy, unprecedented security, "even by Bilderberg standards", according to Estulin. (See BilderbergBook.com).

Estulin says that the main topic of the summit was "the next step in globalisation, which is the creation of the African Union."

This is part of a continuous, long-planned agenda whereby national sovereignty is ceded to unnacountable regional governments which can more easily administer and implement the aims of the financial oligarchs.

One such aim is the elite's exhaustively documented penchant for population reduction, including tying development aid to population control problems. "The creation of the borderless African continent will be spearheaded by the IMF."

One of the smuggled documents shows that an attendee had the IMF articles of agreement at the meeting and highlighted the fact that funds were made available "under adequate safeguards" to member nations. This is code for imposing draconian measures designed to plunge countries into virtual servitude, with the result that in Africa, countries spend five times more revenue on servicing their IMF debts than they do on health care for their own citizens.

The meeting's attendees, identified in the smuggled documents, reads like a who's who of the financial oligarchical elite, including leading Bilderbergers such as US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, World Bank President Bob Zoellick, Turkish Finance Minister Ali Babacan and British Finance Minister Alistair Darling and many others. The Trilateral Commission was also represented at the conference by Japanese members Yoshihiko Noda and Masaaki Shirakawa.

In the interview, Estulin discusses the G20's debate on dumping the US dollar which he first revealed would be on the meeting's agenda in a press release in early November. Estulin indicates that while the matter was discussed, it was rejected . "The American and the British delegations tried to persuade the Russian and the Chinese delegates to devalue the dollar and create a basket of currencies or another world currency to take the place of the dollar," he said. "Luckily, both the Russians and the Chinese told the Americans and the British to go pound sand. They were not willing to do this."

The notion that Western financial oligarchs are aiming to dump the US dollar is in keeping with recent reports that Goldman Sachs (whose members are suspiciously well connected to the upper echelons of the US Treasury) actually took up short positions on the housing market - just before the crash. Although a pre-meditated attempt to bring about a financial collapse would appear not to be in the financial oligarch's self-interest, it makes perfect sense when one considers this as a problem-reaction-solution operation - creating a problem in order to get the public to support a pre-determined solution.

Here, the endgame is to use a financial collapse to usher in a New World Order. Now, exactly as predicted, everyone from Kissinger to Soros is using the economic collapse to call for a new financial order of greater international (read: unelected, undemocratic and unaccountable) control over world financial markets.

As the G20 was drawing to a close, talking heads like Damon Vickers began inserting talking points about a new global currency and a "New World Order" onto CNBC. While the dumping of the dollar failed to gain traction at this meeting, this will continue to be pursued by the influential globalist financiers.

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty made a show of standing up for the people of the planet by noting that "the recent public policy of privatizing profits and socializing losses is unacceptable to taxpayers," to which someone responded "Do you think they have noticed?" The response provoked laughter from the assembled oligarchs.

Mr. Estulin has a message for the G20 oligarchs: "Gentlemen of the G20, in case you're wondering: Yes, we the great unwashed have definitely noticed."



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