Immigration's Smoking Gun

Monday, 9 November 2009

That's how The Sunday Times describes the latest immigration revelations — via enforced disclosure of documents that Labour ministers had kept out of the public eye until the Information Commissioner compelled the Home Office to release them into the public domain.

It's a long article, covering three medium-length pages, but it couldn't have been shortened by much (there is little repetition and excessive wording) and makes for very powerful reading. Although it doesn't exactly match the recent Neather revelations, there is a lot in common in terms of how the subject of immigration has been handled under Labour, even if motivation isn't stated to be the same.

Essentially, from the article, there was — as always in the Immigration and Nationality Directorate — a large backlog of applications waiting to be decided. Although the junior minister at the time initially said that fast-tracking this without making the usual checks "flew in the face of common sense", the same minister (Beverley Hughes) did shortly after agree and indeed insist on quickly clearing the backlog. This goes back a good ten years.

There is plenty of other interesting material in the article, but skipping right to the end reminds us of the undoubted motivation behind this policy: the large-scale dependency upon immigrant (especially Asian) votes in Labour-held constituencies.

As "up to 80% of ethnic minorities vote Labour", according to the article (and this is also well known by British political parties, by the way), Labour have a vested interest in promoting immigration to ensure favourable voting demographics. The story-I-cannot-tell that I have mentioned before, concerning a Labour immigration minister's activities at one of our immigration offices on the Indian sub-continent fits into the same category, by the way — and that's probably all I can safely say about that(!)

To quote from the last two paragraphs of the Sunday Timnes article, for clarity on what this means:
"There is the added difficulty that at least 20 Labour seats, including Jack (Straw’s), depend on Asian votes”.

With up to 80% of ethnic minorities voting Labour, it is obvious that the more immigrants who get the right to vote, the greater is Labour’s electoral share."
By now, regular readers will be well aware that I have long known that just about everything that Labour does is first and foremost in pursuance of their self-interest — either personally or for the party, generally both. All political parties are capable of this, and most if not all are guilty of the occasional, generally minor, instance of gerrymandering or otherwise tailoring policies to suit themselves. I suppose it is human nature, and the fear of loss of office to "them" in another party is a strong motivator to make those small tweaks as the lesser evil. Perhaps they're even right sometimes…

However, all of that pales almost into insignificance beside what Labour do. At least more and more of this is now coming out into the public arena, and a greater number of the voting public are waking up to the truth.

I've mentioned before how slow and hard-going it is to get people to realise that there really is a huge gulf between (essentially) how the Left and the Right behave and their attitudes. Neither is anywhere near perfect but their motivations are hugely different, even if both have to exist in the same world so sometimes they appear to be closer than they are in reality, as they have to face the same issues.

These documents do not seem to back-up the Neather claim about "rubbing the Right's nose in it", but the manipulation of "ethnic demographics" (to coin a term) to keep at least twenty Labour MPs including Jack Straw in their seats does come out of this quite clearly. That's the Labour way, so obvious from how Gordon Brown acts and reacts: the country doesn't matter, but the State (i.e. "us") is all — as in that German Nazi-era expression that I have read.

Of course, now the damage has been done, there is little that can be put in place to solve the resultant problems. All any incoming government will be able to do is to stem the tide: those already here are a fact, and are largely innocent pawns in Labour's political game.

We can cope with that, provided we don't give up our indigenous culture and laws to those from elsewhere. That way, Britain can survive — nowhere near as well as it would have been without this mass immigration over the past decade or so, but we can make it work, now we all know what was behind it all and realise who the biggest enemy of Britain is — Labour!

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For a slightly different take on this subject, do read The Orange Party's piece.


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banned said...

VOTR, would you care to overlay a map of immigration hot-spots ( incl 2nd generation ) onto a map of labour held parliamentary constituencies ? It might illustrate why there is only one labour MP to the southwest of Bristol.

9 November 2009 at 04:46
GCooper said...

Almost as revelatory is the deafening silence from the BBC - once again, raising its skirts and daintily stepping over a story it finds uncomfortable to behold.

9 November 2009 at 12:56
John M Ward said...

Hmm, I shall have to have a look at that idea, banned. Unfortunately I'm just about to move home and am now caught up in all those things one has to do at this stage, so if one of the other VotR contributors were to take this on it would be helpful.

As for the BBC: there are a lot of things they don't report, despite their huge resources. Yes, it is indeed Auntie deliberately avoiding anything that doesn't fit their preferred world view, where possible, or minimising it otherwise.

10 November 2009 at 11:25