What Has Europe Done For Us?

Friday, 4 December 2009

The way things are going this could become a regular feature of the blog!  Here are two things the EU is trying to do for us today:

For London:

Cars could be banned from central London on designated days amid fears that Britain might not hit clean air targets.  Boris Johnson says it might be necessary to explore the idea if the country fails to meet European Union limits, which would result in a £300m fine for the Government in the next 18 months. The Local Government Association said the fine would add £15 to the average annual council tax bill.


Under 'clawback' procedures outlawed in England 'forced heirs' can undo property sales up to 30 years earlier if the deceased did not make adequate provision for relatives in their will.  That means the relatives could stake a claim to property which has since been purchased by someone else in Britain.

Experts have warned that British citizens could lose their homes or be forced to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to the foreign relatives of previous owners.

I hope all MPs who nodded through the Lisbon Treaty without understanding it are beginning to realise what they've done to this country and the British people.  Resign you useless b@st@rds.


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banned said...

If I recall correctly another part of this Euro inheritence stuff will allow offspring to claim their deceased parents assets even if said parent had specifically written them out of their will ( for whatever reasons of their own ).

ie, the state will now decide what happens to your property after your death.

5 December 2009 at 02:58