Britain 2010 - Common Purpose corruption and communitarianism

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

In order to understand what is happening in Britain in 2010, you first need to know about a political philosophy called 'communitarianism'.

Communitarianism, aka Tony Blair's 'Third Way', has been implemented by stealth in Britain over the past few years by this New Labour government.

Communitarianism is difficult to pin down. It is...

a. a strange mixture of capitalism and communism. Communitarians want social control in a collectivist and corporatist society;
b. a type of neo-communism that owes some of its ideas to Gramsci and the Fabians;
c. a 'Big Brother knows best' type of philosophy.

Communitarians want...

a. to create a post-modern, post-democratic feudal society known as the 'New World Order' run by a small number of rich and powerful people with everyone else working as peasants. In order to achieve their objectives they must destroy the middle class and the nation state.

b. group rights dominant over individual rights;

c. highly-taxed capitalism merged with social collectivism, administered through QUANGOs and fake charities. They call this 'civil society'.

The communitarians, through stealth, perseverance, duplicity, and subversion, have snatched individual-rights based democracy right out from under our noses, and replaced it with group-rights based communitarianism - a trendy, innovative, and newish form of communism administered by foreign elitists.

They are convinced that a communitarian system is 'better' for society - 'improved social cohesion' is the central tenet of their political ideology.

Obama, Blair, Brown and Mandelson et al are Fabian communitarians and Cameron and Clegg show distinct communitarian tendencies, although you will not have heard them use the term. The truth of their hidden agenda is now known and we know their real intentions. These people are front-men for the New World Order communitarians.

Communitarian policy has been seen as fascist corporatism with the primary difference that instead of focussing on nation states, own country and people, it propagates a supranational policy. A secondary difference is it influences by means of informal social structures, like for example Common Purpose, instead of by institutionalised State violence - at least for the time being.

Communitarianism is aimed just like fascists, socialists and communists at the collective. The interests of the collective always prevail above the interests of the individual. Individuals must subjugate themselves to the 'common good'. Communitarians create imaginary problems such as global warming, terrorism suppression and the bank crisis to force through their ideas.

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Michael said...

Just out of interest, what are your views on Phillip Blond's 'civic communitarian conservatism'? And what would be your response to his suggestion that civic communitarianism is an authentically conservative tradition?

20 January 2010 at 22:47
I am Sick said...

Communitarianism is essentially, recycled fascism. Progressive Dave, is a believer too.

21 January 2010 at 07:38


Pinning communitarianism down is like trying to nail fog to a wall.

Ideologically, conservatism can take many different forms.

Cameron does not strike me as a traditional conservative out of the mold of Macmillan, for example. He seems quite happy to be in bed with the Demos/Marxist brigade.

Civic communitarianism may well be one form of conservatism but it requires a level of collectivism and social control that is opposed to the libertarian and limited government approach that I understand as traditional conservatism.


Always ask yourself the question - who pulls Cameron's strings? The same people that manipulate Brown, Mandelson and Clegg, I suspect.

@I am Sick

You are correct, IMHO.

21 January 2010 at 19:44
Fausty said...

The Third Way is shorthand for globalism. In particular, for the post-democratic age.

We were duped.

22 January 2010 at 02:31
IanPJ said...

Perhaps this link will provide your readers with some more insight into Communitarianism.

22 January 2010 at 06:09