Politician Makes Ridiculous Suggestion

Monday, 1 February 2010

A pact with France will keep us fighting fit | Malcolm Rifkind - Times Online

Malcolm Rifkind thinks that if Britain is to maintain any of its global power it should join forces with France:
Britain and France are Europe’s two nuclear weapon states. If closer co-operation and a degree of partnership are on the table, that is to be welcomed. Other expensive military equipment must be harmonised wherever possible. Joint procurement should be more the rule than the exception. Our Armed Forces must work together in peace as well as in war. France’s return to full membership of Nato makes that much easier than in earlier years.

Churchill offered the French joint citizenship in the dark days of 1940. Nothing quite as dramatic is needed now. But radical thinking is required to ensure that our military capability is preserved and enhanced. Serious defence co-operation with France is part of the answer.
I don't care if I sound racist but I wouldn't trust the French as far as I could throw a used condom. They've always been our enemy and always will be. Even now, as so-called EU 'partners', they're busy trying to destroy the position of the City of London as a financial capital. The French will take any opportunity to do Britain down.

Rifkind is an idiot. There's no reason for Britain to pretend any more that it is a global player. Our politicians should be thinking entirely in terms of self defence and not getting involved in other countries' military adventures. Unfortunately, this seems unlikely, given the fact that our politicians have sold us out to the EU and its plans for EU armed services on one hand, and are still lodged firmly up the 'special relationship' back passage of the USA on the other.


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INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

I did predict that those big carriers of ours will end up being home ported in Brest last summer.

Everytime we deal with the French they steal all our tech. Concorde, Helicopters, nukes etc. They covet Rolls Royce.

1 February 2010 at 18:12