What's Happened To Andrew Symeou?

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The answer to that is 'pretty much nothing'.  Andrew Symeou is still in a filthy Greek jail, refused bail; there is still no trial date set and he can be held there for another twelve months.

UKIP raised the matter in the European Parliament in January and Andrew's case was highlighted as was that of two Britons being held in Budapest: Michael Turner and Jason McGoldrick.  Graham Watson, LibDem MEP,  has his moral priorities wrong and should be ashamed of himself - instead he seems rather proud about his role in implementing the EAW.  I wonder what a body language expert would make of him almost constantly 'washing' his hands during his brief, back-patting speech:

Liberty states:
  • A person should not be extradited to stand trial in a foreign country without evidence being presented in a British court to prove there is a basic (prima facie) case against them
  •  If the crime is alleged to have occurred in whole or in part in the UK, then the person should not be extradited if a court here decides it is not in the interest of justice to extradite
  • A person in the UK should not be extradited for something that is not a crime in the UK. British justice should not be circumvented.
Corpus Juris is no justice at all and despite the warnings when plans for the EAW were formulated, the EU has gone ahead and created a prison for all of us.
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