Cervical cancer vaccine INCREASES cancer risk by 44%

Saturday, 6 March 2010

So why is the government coercing teenagers to have the jab?

Dr Sherri Tenpenny writes:
From Maine to Maui, Vancouver to Miami, autism rates across North America are soaring. As of February, 2010, there are an estimated 300,000 severely autistic children in this country -- requiring nearly $9billion per year in services. Then numbers in Canada are equally staggering. Considering the country’s much smaller population, autism affects an estimated 190,000 children in Canada. And these numbers don’t reflect the millions of children "on the spectrum" in both countries.

Parents include OT, PT and speech therapy into their routine, approaching these activities as though they are a normal part of childhood, like soccer and piano lessons. Doctors have started to say, "Well, two years is when kids get asthma", as though becoming asthmatic is a growth milestone.

There is one unifying factor affecting children, from sea to shining sea. It’s not genetics; genetics between families are different. It’s not environmental exposures; some kids live in the Projects, some live in Gated Communities. It’s not food; some kids eat only organic, some eat mostly McDonalds. It’s not exercise; some kids are athletes; others are couch potatoes.

What touches almost all children and is the most likely ‘smoking gun’ for the epidemic of chronic illness and autism across North America (and beyond), are childhood vaccinations.
Testimonies of Gardasil victims.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates, of Micro$not bloatware fame, advocates using vaccines to cull the population.

No, really!

I feel a boycott of Micro$not products coming on.



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