Conservative FOI exposes Brown's ineptitude at defence budgeting

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Gordon Brown's incompetence in setting military budgets has been laid bare by the Tories today. First take a look at this exchange from PMQs earlier today:

Cameron told Brown at prime minister's questions that the government had fought two wars "on a peacetime budget" and that the Treasury – under his stewardship as chancellor – had "massively underestimated" the cost of the conflict in Afghanistan.

"Following your evidence one former chief of the defence staff said you were being 'disingenuous', another said you were 'dissembling'. Both these people worked with you," said Cameron.

Brown hit back, saying defence spending had risen "every year" and that £9bn had been poured into the operation in Afghanistan, on top of the general defence budget.

So there you have it - the additional cost so far is £9 billion.

Now let us see what an FOI request by the Conservatives has revealed were treasury estimates:

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So there you have it hundreds of millions, not over nine billion. Would you trust this man with Britain's economy?

From The Red Rag


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