I Don't Really Need This

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I was going to post a photograph of the people mentioned in this then I thought I've seen enough of their faces already.

Do we have to tolerate this or this, even though Samantha Cameron is pregnant, or even this on Twitter:

@sarahbrown has sponsored her husband to do the #sportsreliefmile this morning (and put own feet up with cup of tea)

Are we electing a couple or a man (as is the case in this general election)?

It is of no interest to me whatsoever what the wives of these men do or don't do. In fact it's disappointing Nick Clegg's wife felt she had to 'keep up' with the labour and tory women, because I was thinking, just yesterday, how sensible the libdems were keeping out of the 'totty' battle. I was wrong.

Should Scottish politicians ever go down the road of waving their wives in my face then, no matter how much I may like their policies, I will not vote for them. I find the whole PR wives stunt nauseating.

Anyone remember Ruby Wax? An opinionated, loud American who was a TV chat show host some years ago. She's now advising the government.Goodnight Vienna has an excellent post about this. As she says it's just a small niggle in the greater scheme of the mess facing Britain but the cost could well keep quite a few pensioners in comfort for the rest of their lives.



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banned said...

You'll like this then. Caution, Very rude image, not for the squeamish


23 March 2010 at 07:02
Anonymous said...

Where are the policies? I won't vote for a man, I'll vote for policies.


23 March 2010 at 09:19