Roll Over Or Fight Time...

Friday, 12 March 2010

(Strong language warning - don't read further or listen to the videos)

... is coming soon to a voting booth or street near you if Brown's speech to the Progressive Governance Conference is anything to go by.  We are finished.  They came in by stealth, took advantage of our phlegmatic nature ("mustn't grumble") and robbed us blind.  The clip comes, funnily enough, from the BBC:

They're so sure of themselves it frightens me - they don't listen; they treat us like tax-fodder and worse than a parent would treat a child.  They fuck with our laws, they fuck with our sovereignty, they fuck with our heads.  Brown says he wants to look back on today from a hundred years hence and read about his place in history - I'd quite like that too.

This video is the epitome of the past thirteen years and the more I hear it, the more encouraged I am that Brown's version of history won't prevail:

Fuck You Gordon Brown
Jelly Babies galore to GrumpyOldTwat



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banned said...

I could not bring myself to watch the first vid (too early) but GOTs still remains powerful and amusing.

15 March 2010 at 04:42