Raising The Dead

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The near-bankrupt Labour Party is turning to a Hollywood director in an effort to brainwash  staunch the flow of voters to the LibDems and the Others.  Stephen Hopkins, director of Kiefer Sutherland's 24, is behind Wednesday evening's election broadcast.
"It [the ad] is a piece of drama, slightly sinister, fairytale-ish ... [it] peers into an imaginary future, assessing the impact of Tory policy pledges. It features actors playing three families and envisions the impact of Tory plans around child trust funds and child tax credits."
Sounds like gripping viewing.  I wonder what Hopkins would make of an election broadcast based on present-day truths rather than the fevered imaginings of a desperate, dying Party: our tanked economy; our sham parliamentary democracy; the pillage of the public purse by 300+ MPs; the warmongering and subsequent betrayal of our Armed Forces vis-a-vis procurement policies; the diktat by Think Tanks and quangos; 24-hr surveillance; the criminalising of the law-abiding majority; the politicisation of the Police Force;  the posturing on the world stage; the chaos in the classrooms; the failing infrastructure; the 3,600 new offences created since 1997; the censorship of free speech;  bans, bans and more bans  ...  On and on and on.  I know which scenario has me clutching a cushion and hiding behind the sofa.
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