Rejoice! Iceland's Ash Chokes EU Machine

Sunday, 18 April 2010

The volcanic ash from Iceland that's shut down most of Europe's airports is having an unexpectedly beneficial side-effect, namely, it's causing a headache for the parasites in the EU. According to the blog of Ziga Turk:
Each morning, hundreds of planes are landing in Brussels airlifting the politicians, civil servants, researchers, businessmen to meetings in the capital. Since mid last week this airlift came to a standstill. Brussels Airport has been closed and access to Brussels limited to those that can take a train or car. While this could just work for the original EU6, the train is not an option for the EU27.
You'd have thought that such an important institution, full of such clever people, would be able to use modern technology to allow people to communicate in a situation such as this - MSN, Skype, webconferencing, chat, etc, but no:
None of that is possible with the officials in the Commission, Council or the Parliament. The first thing I noticed when moving into my office in Justus Lipsius was how well it was firewalled. Skype, of course, did not work. Even secure web pages do not work, because any decent browser would complain that the firewalls are trying to cheat with certificates. The culture of on-line collaboration with the officials is therefore non existent.
They're not bothered about communicating with each other but they're obsessed with keeping tabs on our phone and internet communications.

Pity the whole lot of them can't be buried under a pile of ash and put out of action for good.


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And if they can't get there, then they can't claim their attendance allowance and expenses. There is some justice in the world.

18 April 2010 at 19:57
Dr Rohen Kapur said...

Nice one Iceland We Love you

18 April 2010 at 20:48