Office of Budget Responsibility needs watching

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The US 'Office of Management and Budget' has been mirrored recently by the UK government as 'OBR' - Office of Budget Responsibility.

The Office of Management and Budget is basically the power in the US government. They write the budgets for government but more important than that, the IT Directors for the agencies of government report to OMB. That's where they derive their power. They control the computer systems. Note: They call the IT Directors 'Chief Information Officers' (CIO).

Here is the Wiki description but they describe the OMB in such dry terms that you don't really get the idea of how much power they wield:

Here is the Organization Chart for the OMB:

Extrapolate that globally. The UK sets up the same organizational structure. France sets up the same. Germany the same and so on.

That's the real 'New World Order'. Below the surface, an administrative layer of technocrats who design and implement government systems harmonized and networked globally.

Technocratic Coup:

I wondered what the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) was really for.

Another department that needs watching.


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