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Friday, 21 May 2010

What has the European Union done for us? 

The BBC gives us news about the EU:     avatars: TV Reporter: Barfing Up Cat

In all the hoo-ha about the euro and the EU the German FM, Guido Westerwelle, responded to an attack on Merkel by saying: "It doesn't matter whether you think Ms. Merkel is terrible or whether you think I'm terrible. It's about whether Europe will stand or fall!"

German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, presented his proposals for moves towards an 'economic government' and said, "We won't make it without amendments to the existing treaties. I know many other countries are sceptical."

Former Italian PM and Commission President Romano Prodi: [This is] "a very important step towards the gradual creation of a European fiscal federalism....Combining the resources of the eurozone countries and the Commission with those of the European Central Bank is a step beyond the stability and growth pact.   I therefore consider the recent decisions made in Brussels as a very important step towards the gradual creation of a European fiscal federalism."

Jean-François Copé, President of the UMP party in the French Parliament, said, "I said to him, you know David, I know the euroscepticism of your party, but let me tell you something...We need you. We need you for Europe...I hope this sentence has been kept in his mind."

I wonder if Cameron will be able to resist the flattery and blandishments of the EU - none of his predecessors has.

The first sight of Cameron's cojones

It's good to see Cameron taking NATO to task over Afghanistan. The coalition is hardly balanced when the USA and the UK bear the brunt of the burden. He also had something to say on the state of the euro and Britain's position - am I hoping too much that it's a case of softly, softly? I just wonder who the monkeys will be:

What Cameron had to say on the Kandahar/Helmand split:



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