The comment that says everything

Sunday, 12 December 2010

"Just because of their social attitudes, the Tories are part of the Progressive/Marxist establishment now. A change of leader won’t save them. They are doomed. They are SO on the wrong side of history. The Third Way, which is the LibLabCon’s method, isn’t about a golden medium between Methodist Socialism and Anglican Conservatism. It’s a path halfway between Fascism and Communism.

In a classical Libertarian/Constitutional era, the LibLabCon will be viewed the same way as we view the Nazis or the Soviets."



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Barking Spider said...

They have, unfortunately, turned out to be exactly what we expected.

Cameron is a Lefty, pure and simple, he should never have been leader of the Conservatives, (thanks a fucking bunch, Michael Howard, you twat!), and is simply carrying on from where that other Europhile idiot, major, left off.

As for that arrogant, Liberal, Europhile moron, ken Clarke - I remember all too quickly why I couldn't stand the sight of the fucker in the 1990s.

12 December 2010 at 18:41