Axis of Evil

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Although our lords and masters in government, both here and abroad, try to portray their own preferred targets as the "axis of evil" in the world, this — however valid in and of itself — is something of a distraction from the real evil that they themselves frequently represent to a greater or lesser extent.

Several articles here have referred to Common Purpose, which is one of the leading drivers of a frankly Satanic (and Communist, which is much the same thing in practice) agenda that also includes the Fabian Society, Bilderberg, DEMOS and the centuries-old Bavarian-originated Illuminati, whose structural pyramid is pictured here (click on the image for the full size version).

As anyone can easily see from this particular organisation's structure, there are numerous satanic connections even in the naming of positions within the pyramid. Such titles as "Novice Witch", "Master Witch" and Craft-practising witch" give us clues, as do the "Brotherhoods", "Mother of Darkness" and "Skulls and Bones Leadership" ranks.

They are all perceived by many in the know as part of the true "axis of evil" in the world today, and with good reason. They are the outfits pulling the strings of their puppets within national governments and the EU, as has been reported in many places — in our nation their puppets would seem to be Lord Mandelson at the top and Gordon Brown (and others) under him. I have created a simplified diagram of my own that attempts to give an idea of the overall structure:

It should come as little surprise to find that all of what the Left are doing, via these and other agencies, is essentially satanic: the specifically anti-Christian policies that have been introduced into this country's culture and laws — however carefully camouflaged so as not to appear to be so — is a dead giveaway in itself, quite apart from what it all really means as a way to dismantle all that is good about our society.

This is the real battlefield — the ones atheists and others similarly blinkered fail to grasp. It is one of the main reasons the universe exists at all, and especially in the form we all know. At the core, this is what it is all about: the classic "good vs evil" but vastly greater than all those adrenalin-rush video games and action movies that depend upon the diversionary tactics of violence and other such base instincts.

Do not fall into the trap of missing the elephant in the room, just because it isn't fashionable in today's society. The clues are all there, in the way that behaviour has been guided and moulded into lesser and (in some cases) irrelevant channels. This is far too big to make that schoolboy error; and tackling the malign influences of these satanic organisations is a vital part of achieving actual success, not just the appearance of a seemingly significant result or two.


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INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Well stated John.

Do not forget though the ritual/ceremonial aspect of the whole enterprise.

Also keep in mind that the fight against this process will if not carefully orchestrated play straight into their ritualistic/ceremonial agenda.

Heads up.

9 July 2009 at 14:42
Francis said...

I think it is not a conspiracy but an ideological/ political virus - and merely functions as if directed by a conspiracy. Obviously I can't prove this (as if it were operating in secret I wouldn't know) but its hard to imagine leftwingers having the competence to manage it (though given Blair/ Campbell's control of the media not whooly impossible). However it seems to me a case of lefties paradoxically making use of "little platoons" of like minded ideologues, with bullying, cooption,subversion and infiltration as favoured tactics.
They are certainly pure evil however.

9 July 2009 at 22:25
GCooper said...

Come back Dennis Wheatley - all is forgiven.

10 July 2009 at 01:10
John M Ward said...

Thanks for the comments, folks.

Although it is very tempting to think of what has been happening as not pre-planned and (fairly) carefully orchestrated, it is well known and comprehensively documented who and what is behind it all.

What has thus been able to be predicted has in fact come to pass, and the clues are there as to what is being planned next — also part of what was known to be part of the plan.

Yes, the Labour government bumbles and fumbles to some extent, but their puppetmasters are far more disciplined, and were prepared for this. For a start, Gordon Brown was never going to much good, so Mandelson is the one with the real power.

24 July 2009 at 10:15