Would Labour Delay The Election?

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Both PoliticalBetting.com and Dizzy have ran stories today on the fact that, quite legally, Labour 'could' delay the next election to 2013. My initial reaction was 'they wouldn't dare', but then I thought the same thing when many commentators were discussing the possibility that Brown would actively pursue a scorched earth policy when it became clear he couldn't win the next election, as indeed he clearly is.

So what are we to make of all this? Could Brown be so insane that he would consider putting aside hundreds of years of convention and use a technicality to stay in power way past this government's sell-by date?

Well the answer to that is a resounding yes. The plain fact of the matter is that we are now entering what is commonly referred to as 'uncharted territory'. Our banks are broken, our manufacturing sector depleted, respect for law and order at an all-time low and our country now effectively run from Brussells thanks to the treacherous ratification of the European Constitution by Brown and his socialist conspirators.

Labour have consistently shown that they are no respecters of convention. They simply don't care. So while everyone is looking to a May election next year, Mandelson and Brown may have something else in mind.



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Anonymous said...

Is this for real? I was struggling with the date for June 2010. Waiting for 2013 will finish me off. Something has to be done about this.

8 July 2009 at 20:15
Jess The Dog said...

I don't believe it will happen but I believe "they" have thought about it, reluctantly concluding it wouldn't work.

1. Her Majesty would probably dissolve Parliament at the end of the term anyway rather than allowing such a sticky situation, using prerogative power in a manner consistent with constitutional precedent.

2. Failing that, a large part of Parliament (both houses) may well walk away and refuse to sit. PLenty wouldn't though!

3. Failing that, large chunks of the apparatus of government would fall away - civil servants, police officers, Armed Forces chiefs of staff.

4. Failing that, a general uprising and Orange Revolution style protests would bring the government down. Mass strikes, refusal to pay taxes, demonstrations, direct action against ministers and state institutions, mutiny of Armed Forces units (who mainly hate the government).

"They" realise all this, so it is unlikely to happen.

8 July 2009 at 21:20

Still that Civil Contingencies Bill sitting in the background there though....

8 July 2009 at 21:30
Fausty said...

Entirely conceivable that they would at least attempt this.

Mass protests needed should this come to pass.


OH has the nous, guts and readership to arrange this.

OH, go for it.

8 July 2009 at 23:56
Anonymous said...

OH? Old Holborn? No, fair play he's been an inspiration but I don't think he's got the nous or the readership to arrange a fart in a closed room. None of us have. All these blogs are really doing is giving each of us a chance to vent our anger and hopefully educate a few more people. We aren't going to start a revolution, and nor do we have the following to do so. There are too mahy bloggers that are starting to believe their own hype, and OH is one of them unfortunately. I respect what he's done, and I don't mean to denigrate his blog has achieved but let's be completely honest, all we're doing is spitting against the wind. In terms of the population of this country our readerships are infinitesmal, and I would dare say if you randomly stopped anyone in the street and asked them who Guido Fawkes or Iain Dale was, they wouldn't have a clue.

This whole blogging malarkey is completely insular aside from the occasional episodes when it breaks into the mainstream. It DOES NOT register with the general public. hat part of that do you not understand?

All we can hope to do is put the information out there and hope the occasional person picks up on it. Otherwise, we're all just preaching to the converted.

9 July 2009 at 00:34
Anonymous said...

Lets be honest and admit that this blog is just a wankfest for BNP nazis.

9 July 2009 at 00:52
Stalin's Cat said...

Stick you tin-foil hats on now. Beep! Beep! They're out t get us.

9 July 2009 at 00:56
Jess The Dog said...

This blogging malarkey is insular and limited to a few hundred or thousand, but there is one critical factor:

It resonates at the same political frequency as public opinion, unlike the lobby-driven mainstream media.

I saw the same phenomenon on the General Election 1997 posting website, all those years ago - the prevailing opinion was New Labour, Tories were nowhere.

For every blogger on these websites, there are ten thousand non-bloggers with very similar opinions - which can be mobilised. It only takes certain circumstances (the McBride affair) for blogging to break out into the mainstream media and general public arena.

9 July 2009 at 09:23
Old Holborn said...

Blogging is in its infancy.

I could understand Labour "sliding" an election date if they were popular but as it is, there are riots brewing. These are happening every fortnight now (the next is planned for the weekend in London) even though no MSM is going to touch them.


It won't be the bloggers that start the revolution. It'll be the pissed up oiks and BNP. Thousands and thousands of them.

I'm off to organise a fart in room.

9 July 2009 at 09:30
Tarquin said...

The reality is it could only be used for a few weeks - parliament needs to meet within a year to do things like levy income tax (so one upside is you won't be paying tax) - it really wouldn't be worth it

The Civil Contingencies Act might do the trick tho - but the political pressure would be immense, such a trick surely wouldn't be tolerated in Britain by the media or politicians, let alone the public

I remember people said this last year about Bush - petrified he wouldn't go, it was all bumf then and it's all bumf now

9 July 2009 at 23:16