Saturday, 25 July 2009


This copy of a Lefty activist's blog post exposes in all it's gory detail, the vile sickness at the dark heart of the Labour Party.


The original blog where this appeared has removed the comment. Miller shut down his old blog and he now he has a new one at

and surprise, surprise - only Labour apparatchiks are "invited" to read his rabid frothings at the mouth!



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We must stop meeting like this :) I was going to take mine down but I thought two takes on the story wouldn't harm so I've left it.

25 July 2009 at 23:40
Anonymous said...

Link to this page:

26 July 2009 at 00:43
Anonymous said...

Right then, here's my tuppence worth . . .

Make no mistake that Miller is a nasty, devious, deluded piece of work and blindly loyal to Labour. Despite what he might say, he was one of the two people earmarked to run THAT Red Rag blog site which Damian McSmear was making up shit for.

Unsurprisingly I am not one of his favourite bloggers. At the time of Smeargate when I was doing my usual thing on my blog (remember the Smear Twats Ad?) I was citied on Tom Miller's blog as a perfect example of someone who is Autistic. I, of course, was unable to reply directly due to the fact that he won't allow comments. Surprise, surprise.

Now you know a bit of background I'll get to the point . . .

Obviously I cannot prove one way or t'other if that 'comment' image is genuine. I don't actually care to be honest because I know we are right and Tom Miller will always be a deluded twat and as such will always attempt pathetic 'attacks' on anyone who he (or his master) considers as a threat.

However. the tone in that 'comment', doesn't seem to be like any other ramblings I have heard from him before and the choice of some words seems a bit rough and ready for him. Miller really does have contacts at Central Office and I doubt whether he would risk alienating his 'arse licking' self from them by being quite so 'in yer face'. Unless of course he is receiving instruction from Damian McBride again?

As for a forgery, well as you know, that is something that I do all the time over at my place and it would be very easy to do. Perhaps it was me that did this one? Who knows, who fucking cares!

The point is, Tom Miller is a deluded labour loving die hard and will do whatever he is instructed to do, by on high, to help attack any bloggers that attack Labour. Oh and don't expect any reply from him here, he is far too cowardly. That's one reason he never allows comments on his blog.

WE don't need to be worried, we just need to keep doing what we are already doing and then some. Rest assured the likes of Tom Miller will be reading it all. I know for a fact that he has been reading everything I have done since Smeargate. He will be doing the same with you all too.

So what's he going to do?
Get your blog closed by Central Office?
So what, just start another and another.

There is fuck all that Labour can do to stop the likes of you and me from telling the truth. Labour are scared shitless about us.


It's about time they felt how it is to be completely fucked.

That is all.

Apologies for the longevity

26 July 2009 at 12:01