Send Backstabbing Brown Your Uniform

Sunday, 26 July 2009

My jaw dropped when I read the latest MoD stab-in-the-back in the Sunday Times.

The MoD is appealing against compensation rulings, seeking to reduce payments to wounded and injured veterans by up to 70%.

The MoD is arguing that post-injury surgical complications are not their responsibility.

Apparently it is also the responsibility of war wounded to buy their own prosthetic limbs in civilian life.

Something snapped in my mind today. I dug out my RAF dress uniform and I am packaging it to send to Downing Street. A photograph is below....I'll upload more once it has been sent.

If, like me, you can take no more, then send Brown your uniform.

Gordon Brown
10 Downing Street

If you are serving in the Armed Forces, it is probably best to send a spare.

If, like me, you are retired then this may be a hard decision. It is a link to the past, I wore it at my commissioning parade and on formal occasions afterwards. I hoped to hand it on to my children but this will not now be the case.

If you don't have your own uniform then you can buy one from most Army surplus stores (or on Ebay) and join in the protest. Combat Soldier 95 tunics are probably common - these are not returned to stores for reissue when someone leaves due to "health and safety" reasons (I remember the old days and inheriting a really battered old DPM jacket and trousers).

If, like me, you can take no more, then send Brown your uniform.

Update: This campaign has generated some interest - it's been suggested to send berets instead. This is a better idea - the postage is cheaper - so, send Brown a beret to show your displeasure.



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I was going to sell my Navy uniforms, but that might be a better use.

26 July 2009 at 15:07
Fausty said...

Why send the b*stards the uniform you wore at a time when the MoD was reputable?

Better to buy a crappy one and send it.

26 July 2009 at 15:18

Good point Fausty. I left in 1999, and while I did not wish to leave I also did not really want to stay, under Blair and his dishonest government.

26 July 2009 at 17:39
JuliaM said...

Wish I had one to send...

27 July 2009 at 18:41

I have a Russian Ushanka Hat.
I am gonna send that.

Quite apt I think.

Does anyone remember the shirt off your back campaign.
Send Gordon a shirt.
What happened to that.?????

29 July 2009 at 09:22