Paying Down Debt

Thursday, 9 July 2009

As usual, Fraser Nelson has it right about Labour's claims at Prime Minister's Questions. Harriet Harman's statement about having "paid down debt" at yesterday's session, for example, is easily disproved — in this case by the graph at Fraser's Coffee House article. Paying down debt? More like playing it down!

If only William Hague hadn't yet again felt it necessary to be gentle with his opposite number across the Despatch Box, he could have really laid into her (verbally, that is!) over this. I know it has been indicated more than once before that the Left-favouring elements of the media would accuse him of being a bully if he did — but just once in a while it would be interesting to see it happen regardless of the perceived consequences.

We need the truth to be broadcast throughout the nation, and not deflected by convenient side-issues regarding "behaviour" or any other such diversionary tactics.

On that subject of gentle handling by the Conservatives, I have a suspicion that the reason that even David Cameron doesn't go at Gordon Brown hammer and tongs is to allow Labour a glimmer of hope that they could come out of an imminent General Election not too badly battered after all. If they allow Brown's new-line-of-the-month to make apparent headway, he might indeed call that election for this October as current rumours are suggesting.

Deflate and demolish them too much and Brown and his inner circle will simply retreat into the Bunker and there will be no election.

Thus I think we have to allow Dave and Co the latitude to play the game their way, as the most important thing now is that election. Without it nothing can be done to even begin to repair our broken and near-bankrupt nation.


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