Death By A Thousand Smears

Thursday, 9 July 2009

When Mandy came riding back from the European Commission to rescue Gordon Brown's sorry hide, many commentators lauded this as a master-stroke for Jonah McDoom. A real coup de grace for the British political scene which had become so one-sided in favour of the Tories that even some right-wingers of the commentariat showed real delight in the return of prince of Darkness. Who better to shake things up, right?

Wrong. Since the return of Mandelson we've had nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, but smear, spin, black-ops and lie after lie after lie. If this is what the commentariat where after, I singularly fail to see the attraction. The unending tales of corruption and scandal of our politicans has now reached a point where the left have become so desperate that they are now trying to drag the opposition leader into a story that he has only the most tenuous link to.

This is clearly an orchestrated smear campaign being run by Labour (as indicated elsewhere) and I am wondering now if we will ever know how low they are willing to stoop as they run our political system into the ground in a desperate attempt to remain in power.

Once again, we are seeing our sovereign Parliament being attacked from the enemy within. To my mind it is no coincidence that all of this started when Mandelson came back into the Labour fold and took the ermine. It's all part of the plan to sow the seeds of contempt against Parliament and, in the process, our right to self-determination as a sovereign nation. We are being taken over not by stealth, but by smear.

Welcome to the New Politics!



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Barking Spider said...

John Yates has now ruled out another investigation as there is no new evidence and Prescott's phone was NOT tapped! Mandy's smear campaign, however, will continue apace, and the left wing press will be only too keen to promote it

9 July 2009 at 18:03
GCooper said...

Not just the Left-wing press, but the Left-wing press backed by the state-run broadcaster, which has scuttled around all day, peddling this nonsense as if it didn't have a profound vested interest in doing Murdoch down.

That Mandelson is evil is beyond doubt. Fortunately, like so many pantomime dames, his ego guarantees the inevitable pratfall.

10 July 2009 at 01:05