Police Against the People

Saturday, 18 July 2009

I wrote recently on my own 'blog about the incident of an amateur photographer being arrested under so-called anti-terrorism law, and note that the corruption of the legal system in Britain in the direction of that of East Germany under the Stasi is continuing apace.

That particular story was the lead front-page article in this week's Medway News (though, surprisingly, not online as far as I can find). The incident — which is already within the gaze of Kent Police Authority member Mark Reckless — has now been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

It is interesting to note how there appears to be no shortage of officials including police hanging around ready to pounce on some innocent person, whereas there is virtually never (if numerous reports are to be believed, and there is no obvious reason not to) even a single "bobby" available to deal with real crimes when they are reported. Instead, they might turn up days later and say that there's nothing they can do now.

It all gives the impression that this is a deliberate ploy to allow criminals free rein, and it will be difficult to materially change that widespread public perception. I have a feeling that, although they will try to make that change, their agenda overrides that need, so their behaviour will not change materially, if at all.

The police's case will not be helped by the revelation that they watch social networking sites to find excuses to kill off perfectly innocent events on some trumped-up "concern"-style excuse.

While, taken in isolation, one might be able to be persuaded of the "need" to shut down a small garden party — if there were nothing genuinely serious going on in the country — this operation comes across as way over the top. Notice the sheer level of resource poured into this action: four police cars, a riot van, and even a helicopter. One has to wonder at all the real crime that was unable to be dealt with because so much resource had been diverted to this event.

It is of course all part of the overall plan to make the public afraid of doing anything that the "authorities" don't like. In a manner of which the Blue Meanies would have been proud, they target the decent people of Britain and their perfectly legitimate lifestyles in favour of the Satanic agenda of their Common Purpose graduate chiefs and policymakers. No wonder there is a Pagan Police Association in this country, which even gets its members time off to practise withcraft

All of it comes across as completely corrupt, completely evil (i.e. Satanic) and will need to be thoroughly cleaned out and rebuilt before the public-at-large can regain confidence in the police of this nation. The first step is to get rid of the evil that is the present Labour Government, as every journey begins with the first step and without that step no progress can ever be made.


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Do you have to ruin a great post by bringing Satanism into it? It really does just make us look like kooks. The police have been politicised, and their priorities distorted by government interference and targets being set above sound policing. They are not evil, let alone devil worshippers.

Even Satanism is not inherently evil. There might be evil Satanists, but I think that most of the few who would claim the cult are either sad middle-class new agers or young people wishing to shock. Satan was, like all the devils mentioned in Milton, just another local "god" which early Jewish expansionist propaganda claimed was a devil, both to slander the competition and for consistency as Judaism moved towards monotheism.

It gets more complicated and involved, and I don't know enough about religious history to go any deeper, but then I don't believe in supernatural beings at all, so there is no point beyond curiosity. A believer should really know more than I about he history of their religion.

18 July 2009 at 15:26
John M Ward said...

Unfortunately, like withh a competent doctor, one has to be aware of the root cause of an illness rather than focusing merely on symptoms and immediate source.

I have shown in posts on my own 'blog how the Satanic aspect is embedded into the structure of such behind-the-scenes operators as the Illuminati (the pyramid of their ranks makes this clear) and we have to be aware of where all this really originates.

Regardless of how and why its human operators got involved in any particular line of activity, the underlying root cause of all this stems from the devil, and it is as basic as the traditional good-vs-evil battle — however inconvenient or uncomfortable that scenario might be to some.

I have to face what is, not what some might prefer to think. Only with that approach can we hope to defeat this cancer, rather than just stop bits of it here and there.

19 July 2009 at 10:05