Stop the War, Stop the Politicians

Saturday, 18 July 2009

What is the purpose, what will this achieve?
More dead bodies, more people grieve.
The war is a fake, its illegal and wrong,
Since 2003, its been far too long.

Bush and Blair promoted war through fear
911 cant happen again, you hear?
Torture, murder, lies and wars,
They closed down the economy and all its doors.

The UK and US must stop this war now,
Instead they continue with a defiant vow.
There is no threat, its retaliation we face,
The war on terror - is a war on race.

How many more lives will they continue to waste?
How many more must die for their haste?
Enough is enough, its time to stop,
For this is a war they must now just drop.

Get the soldiers out, bring them home now!
It’s political bloodshed that we should not allow.
People are dying, for no good reason,
Every day and night and for many a season.

Politicians make the world a miserable place,
They have no honour, no dignity, or grace to embrace.
Their disease is spreading, humanity is dying,
Because of their greed and their constant lying.

Remove these murderers, these liars and cheats,
Who are controlled by the masters, the ruling elites.
They suck our blood and take all joy out of life itself,
For only themselves they care and will help.

Stop your MP Expenses, lavish lifestyles and go,
You bled us dry, destroyed us long ago.
You use our money to shed blood and destroy,
You then lie on TV and your deceit just annoys.

Bodies over there, bodies flying home too,
Stop this war now, its long overdue!
We pay through our taxes for this illegal war,
Time to say no, show these murderers the door.




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