No sympathy

Monday, 3 August 2009

Another 17 Conservative MPs are likely to step down at the next general election amid plunging morale at Westminster, according to Eric Pickles, the party chairman.

Thirteen Tory MPs announced their intention to quit in the aftermath of The Daily Telegraph's expenses disclosures , but Mr Pickles said that "in total we might be looking at 30-ish Conservative-held seats" becoming available.

A spate of resignations among long-serving members would leave the party still needing to select candidates in about 100 constituencies ahead of the election, which is expected next year.

David Cameron has been accused of using the expenses scandal to root out backbenchers sceptical of his modernising agenda. He has reopened candidate lists to people with no previous involvement in the party, in an effort to attract outside talent.

Mr Pickles predicted that more MPs – including many with clean expenses records – would choose not to contest their seats.

"Some colleagues have found the process of expenses very wearing and they're very demotivated. They might not have had any problems themselves at all, but maybe they're feeling it's just time to move on," he told The Guardian.

So they are down in the dumps.
Low moral.
Tired and weary.

So if you have done nothing wrong they why be low on the old moral scale??
Is it you have just not been fully exposed yet???

No smoke without fire.
Is it that we now know more. Is it the fact you actually do not like having to account for it all?
Is it you know the gravy train is stopping at the next station and you must get off?

Goodbye, dont let the door hit you on the way out.
No sympathy at all.



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Fausty said...

That might be the case with some of them, although I suspect the 2nd jobs issue is pretty galling - and rightly so.

3 August 2009 at 12:34
Anonymous said...

Ack! this is probably just the updated version of the 'suicide watch' of a few weeks ago. It's still the second-best gravy train in town, after the European 'Parliament'.

3 August 2009 at 13:35