A Small Victory Against The BBC

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Over at LCC I recently pointed out how the BBC appeared to be plugging a socialist demonstration in an apparent attempt to divert attention from record unemployment figures. The article on the BBC website was amended 22 times during the day and there was a six hour gap after the socialist protestor was quoted until the Conservative spokesman was quoted.

In view of this I had a closer look at the recent article on population growth. According to News Sniffer this article was only amended five times and the Conservative spokesman was quoted from the outset. Result!

The article also quotes Tim Finch from the BBC's favourite think tank, the IPPR which I suspect of being a Marxist front that is heavily pro-immigration because it believes that immigration will eventually cause the social breakdown necessary to cause capitalism and democracy to collapse and allow the Marxist socialist utopia to emerge. He recently turned up at Conservative Home with an article that is a masterclass in Marxist politico-babble obfuscation.

I can't believe I actually live in a country where I am forced to pay for a state broadcaster that bombards me with anti-British propaganda. James Murdoch is in the news right now for heavily criticisng the BBC. Whilst I understand peoples concerns about the Murdochs, I am worried that their plans to start charging for news content will strengthen the BBC even further because obviously the BBC news site will remain free. Ed West recently argued in the Telegraph that impartiality rules prevent the emergence of a proper "right wing" or resistance in the UK like the one that exists in the USA. Having seen the protests recently caused by the healthcare arguments, even though I don't agree with what the people said, I am envious that they live in country where people go to town halls in the evening and argue passionately, rather than Britain where people just sit at home watching X Factor and mumbling that "somebody" should do "something".

People will say now that the Conservatives won't do anything about it. Unfortunately, I think this is true. The group that is most likely to vote in elections is pensioners and they get their TV licences free. If the Conservatives were to propose abolishing the licence fee it would be easy for Labour to paint this as an attack by nasty Tories on old people which is why the Conservatives probably won't do it.


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